The Cheap Seat Experts

Chavy: Twitter (@AgentTylerScarn)

One half of the brains behind Nosebleed Takes, as a lifelong Bengals and Reds fan I’m use to disappointment and heartbreak, so you can find me sulking in my tears through hot takes in my blogs, podcasts or just a normal conversation. What do I blog about? Well I’ll let my work speak for itself. 

Sylvan (@d_collins2012)

The other half of the brains behind Nosebleed Takes, not much for blogging or tweeting but when I do you better read it. BIG University of Kentucky Sports guy, and BIGGER Quarter Horse guy. College Sports > Pro Sports if you disagree @ me.

Trevor: Twitter (@tamcclanahan)


SEC attendee. Big NBA Guy. OKC Thunder Fan. I am very bias towards Russell Westbrook and I will take ZERO slander is his or OKC’s direction. I also host a podcast called Ball Talk where we discuss various sports topics and give our takes.

Lafferty Daniel: Twitter (@commishidente)


Here to talk golf. I grew up a muni rat with aspirations of country club life. 3.3 handicap unless we’re playing for money. No, I don’t care about how far you think you can hit a driver.

BigBoiBlog (BigBoitweets1)


Intelligent, sexy man who cares about college basketball, his hair and finding the road to Atlantis.