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Chavy: Twitter (@AgentTylerScarn)

One half of the brains behind Nosebleed Takes, as a lifelong Bengals and Reds fan I’m use to disappointment and heartbreak, so you can find me sulking in my tears while blogging my scorching hot sports takes, podcasting or really any sort of human interaction. What do I blog about? Well I’ll let my work speak for itself. 

Sylvan (@d_collins2012)

The other half of the brains behind Nosebleed Takes, not much for blogging or tweeting but when I do you better read it. BIG University of Kentucky Sports guy, and BIGGER Quarter Horse guy. College Sports > Pro Sports if you disagree @ me.

Trevor: Twitter (@tamcclanahan)


SEC attendee. Big NBA Guy. OKC Thunder Fan. I am very bias towards Russell Westbrook and I will take ZERO slander is his or OKC’s direction. I also host a podcast called Ball Talk where we discuss various sports topics and give our takes.

Lafferty Daniel: Twitter (@commishidente)


Here to talk golf. I grew up a muni rat with aspirations of country club life. 3.3 handicap unless we’re playing for money. No, I don’t care about how far you think you can hit a driver.

BigBoiBlog (BigBoitweets1)


Intelligent, sexy man who cares about college basketball, his hair and finding the road to Atlantis.