Kevin Durant and LeBron James Rap song recorded during 2011 Lockout leaked!!

Sorry I shouldn't have did you guys dirty like that. Here is the actual song leaked today.

Magic Johnson Is A Delusional Psychopath

I understand he's the GM for the Lakers and has to talk about his team in the best way but it has gone way too far. Why would he think his team even has a chance against Golden State and honestly, they will be lucky to even be a top seed in the Western Conference. … Continue reading Magic Johnson Is A Delusional Psychopath

My Top 5 NBA Players At Every Position For 2018-2019 Season

Point Guard:  Steph Curry  Russell Westbrook  Kyrie Irving  Ben Simmons Damian Lillard Shooting Guard: James Harden Klay Thompson Devin Booker Donovan Mitchell Jaylen Brown Small Forward:  Lebron James  Kevin Durant  Kawhi Leonard Giannis Antetokounmpo  Paul George Power Forward:  Anthony Davis  Kristaps Porzingis  Draymond Green  Blake Griffin  Jaren Jackson Jr. Center: Joel Embiid Al Horford Steven Adams … Continue reading My Top 5 NBA Players At Every Position For 2018-2019 Season

7-On-7 Football: NBA Edition

7-on-7 football is football commonly played among high school and college athletes across the country. So,  why not lets try it with the professionals in the NBA. The positions are just like regular football just without the lineman basically. Let's combine the two best sports, basketball and football, into one and play a little 7-on-7!! … Continue reading 7-On-7 Football: NBA Edition