Big Ten Rundown Week 2

B1G Ten > SEC > Everyone (Sorry @tamcclanahan) With a boring week matchup wise across the board in week 2 I'm again staying in my lane and recapping my conference the Big Ten. Don't be fooled by our resident SEC blogger the Big Ten would absolutely destroy curbstomp put up one hell of a fight against the … Continue reading Big Ten Rundown Week 2


Chavy’s NFL Week 1 picks (The only picks you NEED to win)

If you're like me and not burning your shoes, or cutting the swoosh off of your socks then you're excited for the return of NFL football tonight. I don't think I could ever give up watching the NFL, I LIVE for  football in the fall. Antonio Brown could steal my identity, fuck up my credit … Continue reading Chavy’s NFL Week 1 picks (The only picks you NEED to win)

College Football Week 1 Recap

It's that time of year, you put on your sweatpants, brew up a cup of jo, read the Saturday paper to see if any of your friends were arrested after some Friday night shenanigans and enjoy the cool fall breeze. Okay now that I have painted a masterpiece of a picture for you let's move … Continue reading College Football Week 1 Recap

Grading my Fantasy Football team

I know what you're thinking "Chavy nobody cares about your fantasy football team!" Yeah you're probably right, would you rather hear about my adventures in Atlantic City? The fully nude strip club where I saw things I definitely wasn't expecting. How I lost $150 at the blackjack table. How we didn't make it back to … Continue reading Grading my Fantasy Football team

How are you doing opening week of College Football?

3 blogs in one day?! I'm really feeling myself today!   It's almost college football season, and I think I speak on behalf of all of America when I say our mind, body and soul are more than ready. Everyone has a game plan for opening weekend, and I'm here to break down all of … Continue reading How are you doing opening week of College Football?