Big Ten Rundown Week 2

B1G Ten > SEC > Everyone (Sorry @tamcclanahan) With a boring week matchup wise across the board in week 2 I'm again staying in my lane and recapping my conference the Big Ten. Don't be fooled by our resident SEC blogger the Big Ten would absolutely destroy curbstomp put up one hell of a fight against the … Continue reading Big Ten Rundown Week 2


Chavy’s NFL Week 1 picks (The only picks you NEED to win)

If you're like me and not burning your shoes, or cutting the swoosh off of your socks then you're excited for the return of NFL football tonight. I don't think I could ever give up watching the NFL, I LIVE for  football in the fall. Antonio Brown could steal my identity, fuck up my credit … Continue reading Chavy’s NFL Week 1 picks (The only picks you NEED to win)

Chavy’s Friday Thoughts: Thursday Edition

A Friday blog on a Thursday?!!! Yes you're reading my Friday blog on a Thursday and you probably have a million  hundred few questions right now. Is this guy an idiot? Answer: Plead the fifth. What will I do on Friday with no Chavy's Thoughts blog? Answer: Be more productive at work.  Maybe shoot your shot … Continue reading Chavy’s Friday Thoughts: Thursday Edition