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It’s time to play “Guess what Pac-Man Jones was arrested for!”


More trouble for  … this time the NFL star has been arrested at a casino in Indiana — and it seems like a carbon copy of a 2015 incident.  

Officials confirm the 35-year-old was arrested at the Rising Star Casino early Wednesday morning for disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and intimidation.

When they responded, Jones became verbally combative and disorderly and was placed under arrest. 

Update: A spokesperson for the Indiana Gaming Commission tells TMZ Sports … officials were called to investigate Jones for possible cheating at a table game.

If you had public intoxication and resisting arrest congratulations! Go ahead and treat yourself to whatever you want at your own expense (it’s tax season you’ve got some extra cash to throw around).

Like the fine folks at TMZ reported this is like Groundhog Day as Pac-Man was arrested 4 years ago for the same exact crime, in the same exact state! You’d think at this point the Indiana Gaming Commission would’ve thrown their weight around and banished him to the world of online gambling. With that said there’s no doubt he’s banned for life with accusations of cheating thrown out from the Rising Star Casino.

I should state that the cheating aspect of his arrest means nothing to me. I’m pro-cheating when it comes to gambling in casinos. They’re all about stacking the odds against you to get your money by any means necessary, so what’s wrong with stacking the deck in your favor to make it a fair fight? If I was an MLB pitcher going against Mark McGuire, or Barry Bonds and you’d better believe I’m juiced to the gills to get the strikeout.

With Pac-Man on the wrong end of 35 it’s hard to picture any team taking a chance with the free agent cornerback.

One thing I want to make clear is that Jones last played for the Broncos so I will not stand for reporters and news outlets associating him with the Bengals. The Bengals have done a lot to maintain a clean image and are no longer the team where arrests seemingly occur on a bi-weekly basis. Name the last Bengals player to be arrested, you can’t.

(One quick google search to fact check later)


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