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Last Chance U Coach gives one of the most delusional “apologies” as he resigns after calling himself Hitler.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that now ex Independence Community College Football coach Jason Brown referred to himself as Hitler.

If you’re familiar with Last Chance U you’ll know just how polarizing coach Jason Brown was with his methods. Personally it took me all of 5 minutes to realize this guy was a jackass and I stopped watching after the first episode of season 3.

For those who haven’t seen the texts yet I was able to obtain them through the Freedom of Information Act aka I snapped a pic from r/CFB.

Quite a bold statement from a guy who’s team is coming off a 2-8 season! If you insist on presenting yourself as a dictator maybe Kim Jong-il was the right move given your shitty season? But seriously referring to yourself as “Hitler” to a German player is dumb enough, calling yourself “Hitler” to a player through texts is just asking to get fired.

I come from a old school coaching mentality where I think you do what you have to do to motivate and bring out the best in players, but there’s a line in the sand you just don’t cross and Coach Brown crossed it here. Imagine if he had let’s say Pete Davidson on his team (his father died in 9/11). Tired of Pete’s lack of hustle and drive he decides to tell Pete “I’m your new Bin-Laden!” Yeah….yikes.

Coach Brown did release a statement regarding his “resignation” from the ICC football program and it read about as good as you’d expect from this choad.

You almost have to respect how he starts things off listing his accomplishments like he’d just step down from coaching Tom Brady to his 6th Super Bowl win. It only gets better from here as he blames the local newspaper who broke the story as the reason he can’t coach at ICC anymore. The only redeeming quality of this letter is giving the players credit for the accomplishments during his tenure as the head coach.

I don’t think this douche fades into total obscurity yet as there’s still another season of Last Chance U to air from the ICC program (which if its from their 2018-2019 season where they go 2-8 as previously mentioned should be must watch TV given the circumstances). And let’s not pretend there won’t be some school or pop warner team that’ll give him a job to “toughen up” the players. I give it 18 months and we’re going to be hearing stories of this guy fighting parents in the parking lot after another losing season at whatever school he “graces” with his presence. That’s a Nosebleed Takes guarantee!


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