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Bengals put former first round draft pick on the trading block.

I know it’s AAF season and I everyone at the site is supposed to be focused on the Birmingham Iron (they’re 3-0 and Trent Richardson scored 3 TD’s on Sunday…yeah let that sink in for a moment) but the Bengals are potentially making moves that I need to address.

As you can see John Ross is on the table for trades and it’s a mixed bag of emotions from me on this news. On one hand his 21 catches in 16 games stat doesn’t do him any favors, but the fastest 40 time in history leaves something to be desired.

With Ross still having 2 years left on his rookie contract why not give it a year to see what new coach Zac Taylor can do to utilize Ross in his scheme? As one user on r/Bengals pointed out why shop him around now with his stats in the crapper? The Bengals are 2 years into a fixed loan on Ross and if they think they’ll get a first round pick back for someone who’s greatly deprecated in value since 2017, I’d assume they’re still suffering a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome from the Marvin Lewis era.

Give this guy one more year under a new coach and system and if it doesn’t pan out trade or cut him, if Ross does turn things around then we have a potential deep ball threat like AB or a great bargaining chip for trade talks next season.


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