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Nightly thought: How much money for you to let Ronda Rousey break your arm?

I’m sitting here with about 20 minutes until we record our weekly podcast (shameless plug) and I’m thinking about what I’m going to do with my tax return. Should I save it? Should I put it all towards bills? Should I gamble it all on the upcoming UFC fights? All are fair game but what if I didn’t have to spend a dime of that money? (That’s right I answered a question with a question, suck on speech teachers).

You’re offered money to let Ronda break your arm with her patented armbar do you do it? We can negotiate a price a little later but first let me show you what you’re getting yourself into.

Nothing too bad, I mean you can tap out the second the pressure gets to be too much. But what if you don’t have time to tap? Well this happens.

Yikes…that’s going to take some time to heal. So your arm breaks and you have to incorporate medical bills into your prize money.

If you’re wondering what mine is I’d say it’s right around $500,000. The pain will go away and I’ll move to a quiet farm and live off the land as I try to forget Ronda broke my arm.

So taking all of this into account name your price.


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