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Guide to Weekend Golf Course Hacking

I did a few of these blogs towards the end of last golf season, and since the golf season is here for me, I’m going to start doing them again. It’s just a few things that can change from week to week on the course. I’ll try to showcase the things that make the round enjoyable no matter how bad you’re playing, like interesting gear, good music, sometimes food, and always adult drinks to ensure that you have a great day on the links.

What am I playing?

It’s pretty early in the season, so I haven’t gotten any new, exciting gear yet. Also, I’m just a little old blogger, so I don’t get free shit sent to me like the big guys, and therefore, everything that I review is paid for on my own dime, so I apologize if this section isn’t too exciting.

This weekend, however, I’m using a Lamb Crafted Mint Eastwood Donut by Tyson Lamb for my ball marker. These little fuckers cost about $75 and are limited releases. When Tyson releases a marker or divot tool, they sell out in about 5 minutes on average, but a release he had last weekend sold out in 90 seconds. Needless to say, they have a cult following and look a hell of a lot better than a poker chip.


What am I listening to?

I like to make Spotify playlists so I’m not fucking around on my phone on the course and I can keep the good vibes rolling. This week, I’m going with an EDM playlist with newer stuff from David Guetta, R3HAB, and Marshmello. I know a lot of folks like classic rock and possibly reggae for the folks who get their 4/20 on at the course, but early on in the season, the golf course is a party, so I listen to my music accoringly.

What am I drinking?

A tradition of mine is to mix up a stiff cocktail in the old Yeti tumbler when I head out to the course. It’s a slightly dangerous game because I tend to put it in the center console cupholder on the drive, even though I don’t drink it until I get to the course #badboylyfe.

In honor of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week, I’m mixing up a drink that’s popular at the Terrace Lounge at Pebble Beach, called Jack’s Fall. It has Bulleit Rye, Cocchi Americano, ginger honey, pear puree, lemon, and thyme. Here in St. Louis, it’s still sack-shrivelingly cold out, so it’s still whiskey season. Of course, I’m no mixologist, so I like to make a dumbed down, bastardized version of the drink with stuff that I have on hand.

I have regular Bulleit, which is a little less spicy than the rye. I looked up what Cocchi Americano is and it’s basically a wine fortified with quinine, the thing that makes tonic water taste like tonic water. I don’t have ginger honey, but I do have ginger ale and honey, so those will have to do. I do have lemons, but it’s much easier to just give the drink a squirt of the stuff from the yellow lemon shaped bottle. I don’t have pear puree, but pear is just sweet, right? So I’ll add a little more honey. And as far as thyme? Fuck thyme.

4-5 Shots Bulleit Bourbon
8 oz Ginger Ale
4 oz Tonic Water
A solid squirt of honey
A solid squirt of lemon juice

Pour about two shots of bourbon into a 32 oz insulated tumbler along with honey and lemon juice. Stir until the honey is mixed in. Add the rest of the bourbon, then add your ice, top off with your ginger ale and tonic water. If there’s any room in the cup, give it a kicker of more bourbon to the top.

19th hole?

Tonight kicks off the AAF, which means football is kinda back after a very short break. I’ll admit that I’m going in with very low expectations, but I still kind of want to support it because the NFL is desperately in need of a competitive pathway between college and professional football that isn’t the CFL.

The games are at 8 eastern with San Diego at San Antonio and Atlanta at Orlando. What a world.

Obviously we have the 3rd round of the Pebble Beach Pro-AM with Phil and Jordan Spieth holding up the lead at -10. I do think the leaderboard will shift a bit, especially with how those two are notorious for going on birdie tears, but can also let the wheels come off at the drop of a hat. However, if we can see a Spieth/ Mickelson Sunday shootout, that could be some of the best televised golf this season.

Get out there and play.


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