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Paige Spiranac Watch February 8th 2019

So this is technically my first foray into giving you a rundown of Paige’s social media since I became a fan of hers. I considered suspending this blog series because I could no longer provide readable content, but since looking over her Twitter feed for the last week with a fresh set of eyes, I think it’s still something that’s worth doing.

A few things I’ve learned over the last two weeks is how engagement works on her Twitter account. Every time she Tweets, there are a plethora of thirsty middle aged men, presumably with daughters that are around her age, who find a way to overuse the heart eyes emoji at anything she could say. I don’t know what their end game is, and I’m sure she finds it endearing, but to me, it comes across as unintentionally condescending. It’s as if these guys take their 30 minute lunch break at their accounting job and think, “I know, I’ll comment ‘Wow! Not only can she hit a golf ball, but she’s beautiful too!’” Anything for these guys to distract themselves from the realization that they’re in a loveless marriage, I guess.

But in the last two weeks, Paige has dropped some great content that really bridges the gap between pros and amateurs in the way of understanding rules, reviews from the PGA show, and stuff from the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Let’s take a look

So the PGA show was a few weeks ago down in Orlando, and I was not invited despite being the number one amateur golf blogger on the planet. I’m taking my grievances up with the PGA, but so far, I’ve only spoken with an intern named Tevin who says he’s never heard of me. Shame.

Anyway, she got to check out some pretty cool stuff like a product that can take videos of your swing and send it to teaching professionals who evaluate your swing and give it a grade and written feedback. It’s a cool idea because people have a tough time getting themselves to get lessons. You can do this on your own time and get feedback that’s better than your 20 handicap buddy making adjustments to your swing on the range.

She stopped at the Mizuno tent, presumably because she is playing MIzuno irons now, but they are releasing a golf ball into the US market. They have something called ‘cone dimple’ technology, but to be honest, I’m not really buying it. Titleist still runs the golf ball game, but people are excited about the Taylormade TP5/TP5X, and I think they believe they can wedge their way into some of the market share.

Paige made a pit stop at a company called Asher golf gloves. This one made me roll my eyes, not because of the product, but because of the owners. The gloves are made with cabretta leather and come in at about $25 on their website. This is comparable for Titleist players gloves and cheaper than Footjoy’s high-end glove, but the thing they hang their hat on is that the gloves are dyed. The owners claim they’re interrupting the market, which is a bullshit phrase that every millennial who starts a company with a loan from their parents claims to be. Do these guys seriously think that Footjoy and Titleist never fathomed that it would be possible to dye their gloves? Do execs see this company and start freaking out because their white gloves will a thing of the past? Of course not. It’s a glove. Just shut up and wear it.

GFore, another booth she stopped at, is one that really piques my interest. Surprise, they also make colored gloves, but the thing I like about them is their shoe line. They combine classic Oxford styles with modern looks, like white leather uppers with Jordan-esque icy soles on their Gallivanters. They also have styles that are more casual, similar to Vans and Adidas Stan Smiths. They offer a lot of looks that understated, but still unique, like embossed leather toe caps and colored midsoles. They come in between $185 and $225 on average, which is a really good price compared to other brands.

All in all, the vlog is very good. I would have liked to have seen some of the perks of going to the PGA show, like free swag, drinks, etc. but I think she was working more than anything and didn’t get a chance to get all of that in a 30 minute video where she was showcasing legit products.

Paige tweeted this out last week and it was interesting because I have also seen critical opinions of Hosung Choi getting a sponsor’s exemption into the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am. The main complaint is that he’s taking a spot from someone who is a legitimate professional. That stance makes absolutely no sense. He got his spot because of the public notoriety of his unique swing, but the problem with that logic is that he’s actually good. I get the benefit of hindsight, but he shot a +1 in the first round and he’s currently even through 9 in the second round.

I understand, to an extent, the complaints when a spot is given to Steph Curry or Tony Romo in events, but even then, these are sponsor dollars and they can do whatever they want. It’s clear that bringing in guys like these serve the purpose of drumming up excitement for the tournament, and it works. I fully watch maybe three events a year, and it’s usually the finals to see who will make it on tour for the next season. My eyes were glued to the tournament when Curry and Romo were playing. Bringing in fun players is a way to increase the return on investment, and just because a single up and coming player could have gotten the spot that week, it doesn’t mean that guys like Hosung Choi are any less than deserving.

This is the last tweet I want to talk about this week. This is where I feel like Paige is living the dream. She’s wearing an all-white outfit, and frankly, if I were to do this, I’d need to change every three holes. Here’s how an all-white outfit would go for me.

Hole 1: Shart myself on the tee box after a night of too many Dogfish Head 90 minute IPAs. The brown stain becomes apparent by hole 3.

Hole 4: Duck hook a ball into a muddy hazard where it gets a fried egg lie in the bank of the pond. Take a full swing 50 degree wedge and splatter my entire body like a Rembrandt painting.

Hole 6: Put in a dip. Mouth is dry from the hangover and a brown ball of spit ends up on my shirt.

Hole 10: Ketchup on my pants from a hot dog at the turn. Use Bud Light as a solvent to get the stain out.

Hole 12: back in the hazard. More mud splatter.

Hole 15: Fart again. Luckily this time nothing comes with it. Actually safe on this one.

Hole 18: Buddy who is driving the cart got too drunk. Takes a sharp turn and dumps me out of the cart. Grass stains all over the pants.

You see, I just couldn’t do it. I stick with earth tones and dark colors for a reason. However, if anyone does want to pay me to wear all white, I guarantee we could end up with something that could be in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

All in all, good week for Ms. Spiranac on Twitter.


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