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Paige Spiranac Watch January 22nd 2019

It’s been a wild week as the resident Paige watcher here at Nosebleed Takes. What started as a fun little writing exercise of me blogging inflammatory things about golf’s attractive middle-woman between the pros and amateurs from my humble corner of the internet turned out to be a little more noticeable than I imagined.

After writing last week’s blog, I posed a question as to what would come first, a restraining order or a response from Ms. Spiranac. Well, I got my answer pretty fucking fast.

I tweeted out this little gem.

Though my feed is lively, I don’t have a strong following on twitter, so a few likes or retweets would have just been gravy considering that most of my content goes without interaction, so effectively, I’m just a lunatic talking to myself. The tweet was pretty clever. You see, I really want to crack into the golf industry, and seeing as I have no discernible talents when it comes to any facet of the game of golf other than carrying a modest 3.3 handicap, I’ve made my brand on complaining about golf on the internet. The PGA show is pretty much limited to industry insiders, media, pros, and their guests. It’s not impossible to get in, but for a guy like me who just wants a crack at seeing this year’s newest stuff, there’s no way for me to get on the list. Anyway, Paige had nothing to do with this tweet, but seeing how I had tagged her in tweets previously, I guess she was perusing my tweets and came across this tweet as an opportunity to strike. She has historically taken several strong stances against her detractors, and I guess I’m no different, because she lovingly responded to my aforementioned tweet.


Damn, that was good. She hit me where it hurts. No matter how much I complain at her on the internet, she’s still kind of living my dream, while I grind for clicks for the love of the golf blog game.

I assumed Paige would be content with body bagging me, but I needed to respond. I thought of this clever gem despite being 3 Lagavulin 16 years with a splash of water deep.

It was a waiting game at this point. Then I got this.


Well, two things are clear. First, Paige has read what I’ve written about her. So I guess that’s a win. Does it mean I got to her and there may be a smidge of objective truth in what I write about her history and place in the game of golf? Maybe. That’s not for me to decide. The second thing I realized is that like her or not, Paige is a professional in the media game. I write about golf strictly because it’s my passion and I love the sport, so when I put my nuts on the table and talk a big game among the amateur blogging ranks, I can fare pretty well. When I faced off against Paige however, she essentially made me into a fan in like 3 tweets. Talk about an all-time backfire. She was an absolute sweetheart overall and couldn’t have handled the stuff I’ve written about her with more class.

By no means do I think I’m important or a credible spokesman amongst the everyday Joes in the game of golf, but I do think I probably fit a similar demographic as Paige’s other trolls and haters, or at least I fit the mold of the typed of person who may disregard her as just “the bikini trick shot girl.” I think what I’ve realized after following all of her tweets, not just the ones to me, is that she has realized that no matter whether or not she ever deserved to share a tee box with other women in professional golf, she has a platform that people are willing to listen to. That means she can help grow the game, make young ladies who never would have though to swing a club want to try out the game, and help out other amateurs in her own way.

Fair or not, there is some stigma attached to Paige among lots of golf fans. Doors opened for her that may not have opened for other girls with equal or even more talent because she’s pretty. I don’t have the exact numbers on what she makes, but I certainly hold a level of jealousy that she gets to earn a presumably good living on the sport that she and I both love.

However, now that she has settled into a role that allows her to be more of an ambassador of the game, it’s safe to say that Paige isn’t just a flash in the pan. She has a bright future ahead in golf media and although she hasn’t taken the most traditional route to legitimate stardom, there’s definitely room for her at the table.

If you’ve followed my writing you know that I probably sound hypocritical when I do a full 180 and say this after she responded, but here it goes. I’m a Paige Spiranac guy now. The fact that she looked into a low level hater like myself and presumably read what I have to say before she gave a light-hearted response shows that she’s the real deal. If this isn’t enough for you, I understand, and if you’ve think I’ve gone marshmallow soft, I understand that too.

She’s not totally off the hook. I’ll still be a critic as I am with anyone else in the golf world, but from this point on, consider me a fan.


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