My Playoff Picks

Okay so the Divisional round is closely approaching, and the deadline to get some bets for this weekend is basically here. So I’ll give you guys my insight because I’ve been riding a nice hot streak (not a big deal)

So the first game I’m doing is the Philadelphia Eagles vs New Orleans Saints. The Eagles are getting 8 points. The eagles have covered in there last 6 games, and I am going to ride BDN until we’re done. I’m taking the Eagles and the points

Second game is Chargers vs. Patriots (Sunday at 1:05 PM). This is a hard one, and the chargers are getting 4. But in my heart I know Tom 5 rings Brady is going to get Lucky somehow and win. Patriots win AND COVER

Third game is Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts (Saturday at 4:35 PM) Another good game, and the Chiefs are -5.5!!! My thing on the Chiefs is I do not trust them at all, Andy Reid is suspect. Especially in the playoffs. But Patrick Mahomes is a BEAST. On the the other hand, Andrew Luck is probably the hottest QB in the league at the moment, and Frank Reich is a great coach, with a great playoff history going back to the Eagles run last year. I think the Chiefs win but the Colts will make it close. Colts +5.5

The Last game is the Stupid Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams (Saturday at 8:15 PM) I don’t know what is worse, the fact that the Cowboys are playing this week, or the fact that they are 7 point underdogs. I just do not think that the Rams are proven to be that good of a football team. They got beat by the Eagles, and in that game they got exposed to their weaknesses. So I’m going to take the Cowboys and the points. I really hope they lose but I know for a fact if they lose it will be less than 7. Cowboys +7

I’m like 95% sure that I’m right with these, and Fly Eagles Fly

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