How the Eagles Can Beat the Saints on Sunday

Okay my bad on not keeping up on the blog posts, I finally got over my hangover from Sunday night, so I’m really ready to take on the rest of the week

Any way back to the point, the Eagles got ABSOLUTELY beat down by the Saints 44-7 in the regular season, so that definitely calls for adjustments for this upcoming game.

But the good news is, the Saints are coming off basically a double bye in week 17 by resting there whole team, and the birds are definitely the hottest team in football so it’s definitely going to be closer.


This has been killing the birds recently, specifically the damn double move from the outside wide receivers. Our new corners are very aggressive which is good to have, but in playoff games like this, let them have their 8 yard gain on the slant, rather than an 80 yard TD.

Secondly, take out Alvin Kamura just like we did Todd Guerly (too lazy to look up his last name), get multiple guys in the box to plug the holes (haha) and disrupt the lanes, if we give this man space, we will lose. It’s that simple.

And Offensively, I would definitely like to see us run the ball from under center, I don’t understand why we like running the ball from the shotgun, like we just waste 1st down by doing this every drive, by running the ball from under center, we can then set up play action, and score some points.

Also some advice, the Birds are +8 and I will be riding them heavy, so I think you guys should to

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