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Some takeaways from The Sopranos (4 episodes in)

Yes I’m about 20 years too late but I’ve finally started The Sopranos on Hulu. Before you cast judgement just know I was only 7 when this show came out, and I had heard the series finale left a lot of people soured on the show. So why would I start a show that is going to make me feel cheated after the credits roll on the 86th episode? I’d heard The Sopranos was one some of the best TV from the late 90’s into the early 2000’s so I decided to finally bite the bullet and watch. Just kidding this video popped up on my YouTube last week and is what finally got me to start The Sopranos.


So here are some of my takeaways before I start the 5th episode.

  • Tony’s love of ducks was…interesting.
  • The intro should be about 1 minute shorter (the only HBO show where the intro is fine being about 2 minutes long is True Detective).
  • Meadow Soprano is a textbook 90’s sitcom/movie kid
  • Hunter (Meadow’s best friend) is the nerd who tries to act like a badass.
  • I can’t wait for Tony’s mom to croak (she’s on borrowed time anyways).
  • Tony being a mobster who uses “waste management” is like a drug dealer who calls themselves a “healer”.
  • Jumpsuits and excess amounts of gel are a must for any mobster.
  • Curse words like “fuck” and “shit” are looked at here as more of sentence enhancers rather than curse words.
  • Talks of “moms” and “evil eye” are the equivalent of the c-word to mobsters.
  • The therapist totally knew Tony was a mobster before he stepped foot in her office but was being coy about it.
  • I’m sensing some very very very little sexual tension between the therapist and Tony.
  • But since she’s neither a prostitute or Russian that’s gonna be a no for him dawg.
  • Junior is an old fuck and again one of the characters I will pop the champaign for when he croaks.
  • The store front where gabagool is ate by the pounds and business is discussed.
  • Mrs. Soprano is definitely boning the priest. 2 lifelong promises broken with one bone I respect it.
  • Chris is going to be good for a laugh in the following seasons.
  • The mobsters seem to be operating outside of the law or have the higher ups on the payroll, look forward to figuring out more about that in the following episodes.
  • Big Puss is a nickname I hope we figure out more about down the road, maybe he was a porno director before the joining the business?
  • Tony Jr. is being setup to be a MAJOR dumbass for the rest of the series, seriously the kid is fucking dense.

This blog has sat on the shelf for a few weeks but with HBO running a marathon of the show I felt it was a good time to finish this up. Expect a follow up to this as I finish each season from here on out.


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3 comments on “Some takeaways from The Sopranos (4 episodes in)

  1. badfinger20

    I just finished the series this past Friday…I started late as well. It’s worth the watch.

    • I’ll probably start it up again sometime this week. Just haven’t had time to sit down and binge 3 or 4 episodes. Loving it so far though!

      • badfinger20

        I’m always late to see series… we watched The Wire, Breaking Bad, and then the Sopranos…binged at nights. Out of the three the Sopranos is probably my favorite…and that is saying something.

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