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Chavy’s Saturday Playoff Picks

For the record I have no dog in the fight regarding the NFL playoffs so expect little to no bias in my playoff predictions. These are the picks that’ll help get you that new (used) Subaru the Mrs. has been looking at, the down payment for a house, a whole years rent, the point is these picks are WINNERS!

Colts @ Texans 4:35 ET ESPN/ABC

This game is a real coin flip (Vegas agrees with the Texans a slight 1.5 point favorite). As someone who’s been praying for some new blood into the playoffs I’m not a fan of the seeding placing two finally healthy newcomers against each other. The AFC South neighbors split the season series 1-1 in two tightly contested matchups so expect nothing less today.

Pick: Andrew Luck continues his redemption tour as the Colts takedown the Texans 28-21.

P.S. Fun idea for a drinking game anytime you can feel the tension between Booger and Jason Witten take a shot.

Seahawks vs Cowboys 8:15 ET FOX

Predicting this game is tough considering I fucking despise both teams (and their fanbases as well, except our resident golf degenerate @laffertydanny he’s cool). Hatred aside these are two slightly above average teams and this should be a good game tonight. Seattle obviously wins the QB matchup, while Dallas has the edge in the RB department. I think the difference maker on offense will be Amari Cooper who has looked like a million bucks and well worth the 1st round pick Dallas traded him for earlier this year. I think if Cooper is able to torch the once feared “Legion of Boom” it’ll put Dallas in the driver’s seat to run right into the next round. Don’t count out Russell Wilson and the mind of Pete Carrol though as they have the experience edge to overwhelm coach Jerry Jones Jason Garret.

Pick: I’d rather see the Dallas Cowboy fans drink themselves into a coma tonight so my gut is telling me to pick Seattle. But if I know Dallas fans well enough they are the kings of spin zones. Even if they lose tonight by 50 you’ll here the “the refs were against us” or “we should’ve won it was our game” and they won’t just accept their team is just painfully average (in a shitty division). I’m willing to put up with the spin zones if it means we won’t get cocky Cowboys fans acting like they won the Super Bowl after a wild card win. Seahawks by 20.


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