It’s 2019 I’m not going to live in the shadows anymore, I’m going to let my nerd flag fly high!

I’m a HUGE wrestling fan (although if you follow me on Twitter @AgentTylerScarn you probably already knew that). So besides the occasional RT, only a few friends of mine know just how big of a wrestling fan I really am. I’ve been to more wrestling events than I have sporting events, and watch almost as much wrestling as I do sports.

Allow me to set the scene here. It’s currently 3AM, I have to be at work in 3 hours and I’m wide awake. This is usually the case almost every other night (unintentionally) but tonight this morning I had the alarm set for 2AM.

I bet when I said I’m a wrestling fan you assumed that meant WWE.

It’s worse than that…I’m a Indie and Japanese wrestling fan. See I fall into the “neckbeard” category of wrestling fans (except I shower regularly, have had relationships with the opposite sex, and exercise every once in awhile). I subscribe to 2 wrestling streaming sites, wake up early to watch New Japan wrestling live, and own almost as many wrestling shirts as I do “normal” shirts.

Yes I’m a huge nerd, but it’s 2019 and I’m letting my nerd flag fly high! This is the year of the nerd and we won’t be shamed for our pastimes. So I like to watch dudes “fight” each other and get emotionally involved in the storylines is that a crime? So what if I screamed at my TV last June when Kenny Omega finally pinned Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship? So what if I patiently wait every Monday for a new episode of Being The Elite?

This is the year I lay all my cards out on the table, put on my finest Bullet Club shirt and let the world know “Hey I like wrestling and I don’t care who knows it!” So girls (and dudes) if you watch a shitty soap opera show on The CW, or you’re a Grey’s Anatomy Stan I’m no longer judging. Back in 2018 I would’ve mercilessly made fun of your taste in TV shows, but in 2019 it’s all about being inclusive and accepting of the nerd mentality. So here’s to a judgement free 2019 and putting all of our cards on the table!

P.S. The guys who work at GameStop and act like a fucking hardo when you try to talk to them about video games are still dirty fucking nerds and as far as I’m concerned are still fair game to stuff in lockers.


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