Hey Alabama High School Athletic Association eat shit.

Alabama giving the other 49 states yet another reason to hate them. Maori Davenport was mailed a check for $857.20 for dominating the boards in the FIBA U-18 Championship back in August and is now being ruled ineligible for her senior season at Charles Henderson High School by the Alabama High School Athletic Association. I know what you’re thinking she must’ve spent the money on gigolos and blow to get suspended for the season. Nope. Once she realized the mistake the USA Basketball program made (they usually send compensation to players who play to compensate for any lost wages) she quickly mailed the check back.

The AHSAA was having none of this though and decided to rule Davenport ineligible for her senior season. USA Basketball was quick to point out their error to the AHSAA who have decided to uphold their suspension of Davenport for whatever reason. Thankfully Ms. Davenport has already committed to Rutgers so she wasn’t at any risk of losing out on potential scholarships or playing opportunities in college. But imagine if she wasn’t. Let’s say she was still working towards earning a D1 scholarship from a basketball school. How fucked would that be? Someone who could be the next great WNBA star cut down over a fucking check they didn’t even cash.

As much as I respect the double down from the AHSAA even after they were made aware of the error they can go fuck themselves. If I’m Dabo Sweeney I’d be flying Ms. Davenport and her family first class to Santa Clara, California, shacking them up in a 5 star hotel and giving them tickets to the National Title game. It’ll earn some brownie points with the rest of the country who probably has little to no interest in another Alabama vs Clemson title game, and it rattles the cage of AHSAA. While those pieces of cow shit are sitting at home watching the game Maori is sitting at the 50 yard line all because they wouldn’t let her play.

So Dabo I plead to you, if you want a national title….

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