I want Tiger Woods to be my Dad

So that statement sounds kinda weird, but deep down, we all want that to be the case.

So, I watched the ESPN special: “Tiger Woods: Return of the Roar”, and to be completely honest, I AM READY TO RUN THROUGH A F***** WALL!

Even know we all knew the end result of the documentary, it was still kind of sick. It’s like watching a great movie, and we know what’s going to happen, but like screw it, it’s awesome.

The part that gave me chills were the parts about The Open, and The PGA championship, just because I thought he had it, like was actually going to do it, and for Tiger to talk about how much he knew how the fans were all behind him… It got me emotional.

In my opinion, I think the best part was SVP narrating the whole thing, it was either him, or David Feherty. Just because they are both known for loving T dubs just as much as we all do.

But it was amazing getting to see all the slo mo club twirls that we know and love, and just to get not only his reactions to every tournament, but Joey (his caddie) and a lot of other guys on tour, is pretty cool.

Also, I feel like Tiger isn’t a big fan of Notah Bigay. Like I’ve never even heard Tiger talk about him or anything, like the only reason I know about Notah is because he’s “boys” with Tiger, and I know for a fact Tiger doesn’t like it when info leaks from his camp about the shit he’s doing. So I am torn.

But anyway, Tiger is the GOAT, and I love him. You the reader love him, and he’s all our Dads.

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