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Why Tiger Should Play the TOC Next Week

So I know I haven’t written a golf blog on here yet, but I am the self proclaimed biggest Tiger Woods Slurper in the World

I’ve probably watched every Tiger highlight video on YouTube. So I think I know his best intentions for this upcoming season.

That being said: The fact that Tiger is not playing in the Sentry Tournament of Champions at the Champions course in Kapalua next week makes me very angry. Solely because you have to win to get in, and it’s not that difficult of a golf course.

Some of the fairways are a 100+ yards wide, so easy to hit fairways (which he struggles with) and they have big greens (which ironplay is his strength), so this golf course suits him, and it would be a great stepping stone into kicking off the 2019 on the right foot.

The only reason I see him not playing is a good thing is: REST. Toward the end of this season, he played 7 weeks in a row, I know for me playing college golf, when you play 4 or 5 weeks in a row. You get gassed. So I know for this guy who’s had 4 back surgeries. He must have been unbelievably tired, and out of steam.

He looked gassed/tired in the Ryder cup (which he went 0-4), and even worse in the match against Phil. So I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s still resting, and getting stronger for this upcoming season.

But the good news is, he opens up the season at Torrey Pines every year (January 24-27), and he’s won there 7 times plus the unforgettable 2008 U.S Open

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