Backyard Wrestling or Backyard BBQ?

Slow day on the blog for me so I’m grabbing the low hanging fruit that is backyard wrestling fails. Part of me feels bad for laughing, posting, then laughing some more at these morons, but thankfully that feeling is small enough to suppress. If I can suppress a traumatic memory like shitting myself at Sears then suppressing the feeling of sympathy for these bozos will be a cakewalk.

Here we have The Outsider (his actual wrestling name) being lit on fire by his opponent (who I’m assuming is named “The Insider”) because in the world of backyard wrestling puns are what draw the big $$$.

There’s a lot to unpack from this 33 second clip. First, what the fuck were these guys recording this on? A potato? Jesus Christ. I’m guessing from the snow in the background and short and stocky build of The Insider that this was shot in either a Dakota or Minnesota. Second, I think they overdid it on the gasoline. They must’ve drowned that fucking plywood in it to get that quick of a 3 alarm fire. Third, why keep the gasoline right next to where you are going to light the fire? Actually I don’t hate that move. Assuming by the cameraman’s no sell of the fire as it goes from 3 alarm to a full fledged 5 alarm fire he/she must’ve planned this out. The only complaint I’ll throw at the cameraman is for cutting the video off so suddenly. I imagine this was done to avoid completely incriminating himself at the inevitable criminal (and civil) trial.

It’s a shame this video doesn’t have more views. The Outsider burned 95% of his body (and possibly died) for our sports entertainment and only 700 views on YouTube. But when you pick the only part of a snow filled area that has NO snow on it to do a flaming table spot, you’re kind of asking for the worst possible outcome to happen.


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