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Jon Jones really set up Twitter for an alley-oop with this tweet

Jon Jones is well “interesting” to say the least. Jon Jones should be the LeBron James or Tom Brady of MMA with his skill set, looks, and exciting fighting style, but with a career marred by personal issues and failed drug tests he’s become the sports biggest “what if”. For those who don’t know allow me to provide a TL;DR on Jon Jones career.

  • Youngest fighter to win a UFC title.
  • Only loss is by DQ when he used an illegal strike to end a fight he was winning.
  • Sponsored by Nike and Gatorade (which if he didn’t fuck up his career he’d probably be making MILLIONS from these sponsorship deals.
  • Has lost maybe two or three rounds tops in his ENTIRE MMA career.
  • In 2012 arrested for DUI after he wrecked a UFC gifted Bentley.
  • Habitual eye poker in his fights.
  • Tested positive for cocaine before his UFC 182 title fight with Daniel Cormier
  • April 2015 arrested for hit and run after running a red light (the other driver was pregnant) and only returned to the scene to grab his weed.
  • Tests positive for two banned substances TWO DAYS before his UFC 200 rematch with Daniel Cormier.
  • Fails ANOTHER drug test after his KO win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.
  • And was just recently flagged for doping a week before his UFC 232 title fight with Alexander Gustafsson. Nevada Athletic Commission refuses to license him so the UFC moves the fight to California (again on a WEEKS notice) so the fight can go on as planned.
  • And never admits to any wrongdoing when he’s arrested or fails a drug test and plays the victim card. Seriously watch any video of him addressing his wrongdoings or read a quote, it’s crazy the mental hoops he jumps through to rationalize anything.

So yeah Jon Jones kind of a scumbag. Anyways Jon did something nice for a change yesterday, he gave us a great Twitter thread (albeit unintentionally) when he asked his 2 million followers what his walkout song should be. And now I will re-gift the best responses to you.

Yeah Jon should’ve known this was going to happen. Twitter trolls are usually 90% of the time not very funny, but thanks to Jon we saw the 10% come out on the holidays and gift us some hilarious comebacks.

Also a friendly reminder that @jonjones is not the MMA fighter but a video game developer who as far as we know does not have a coke and steroid problem. His twitter page is usually a gold mine for comedy as angry UFC fans bombard him with hate messages after Jones’ fights and he usually kills them with kindness.

If you couldn’t tell by this blog I’m pulling for Gustafsson on Saturday. Jones has all the skills in the world to be a star but he’s just an asshole about it and that rubs a lot of the MMA fans the wrong way. Also this a rematch between the two and if it is anything like the first fight we are in for an absolute war.

Below is the full fight which you can (legally) watch on YouTube as the UFC has released it for free to hype Saturday’s fight. Enjoy!


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