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Down goes the Warriors!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay that didn’t go as planned Nelson you got this?

Thank you Muntz.

Christmas just keeps getting better and better! I thought things couldn’t get any better when I opened my new golf bag and set up my new bed today (and seeing everyone’s reactions to the gifts I bought them…humble brag) but I was wrong.

First the Kyrie and my Celtics take down the 76ers in overtime, and now LeBron and Lakers (and then not LeBron) throttle the Warriors in the 8PM game. I’ve been considered the Golden Shower Warriors (sick burn bro now bump my fist!) a mortal enemy since the super team formed in 2016.

Something about seeing 4 All-Stars join together and run the league just wasn’t appealing to me (or any one besides the Ed Hardy bros who bought a Durant jersey the second he signed, even though they haven’t watched a quarter of basketball since the 2001 Lakers).

I’ve been waiting for the Warriors to implode and go back to a fringe playoff team since Steve Kerr joined as head coach. He’s been gifted one of the best teams in NBA and has been praised for basically sitting on the sidelines and being a spectator. Much like Erik Spoelstra when he had LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh, Kerr just sits on the sideline and acts like a figurehead. I fully expect Kerr to avoid the downward spiral that Spoelstra experienced by getting the fuck out of dodge when Durant leaves after this year.

Also the thought of seeing Green, Curry, and to a lesser extent Curry get a nice slice of humble pie has me fully torqued.

So here’s to another pile of dirt being thrown on the Warriors as we bury them into oblivion!


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