Another day, another backyard wrasslin injury.

At this rate I feel like I could make this a daily series. What’s the thought process that goes on before people do this?

  1. Shotgun some Natty Lights with the bros
  2. Watch some old WWF on YouTube
  3. Brock chimes in saying how much of a pussy those guys are and that he could take a table spot and walk away.
  4. Chaz claps back with a simple “Bet?” Then hilarity ensues.

5. The bros have to pop some Winterfresh and book it to the nearest ER.

I don’t understand why anyone thinks they’re invincible when they drink (coming from the guy who got drunk a week before his 21st birthday and jumped a flight of stairs).

But as long as these idiots keep hurting themselves and posting it to the internet, I’ll keep on laughing and sharing it on here. Shoutout to r/WhatCouldGoWrong for the video.


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