Saint Nick Keeps the Birds Afloat Yet Again

Damn he’s good, I mean like really really good.

It’s like starting to get silly what this man does for this team, like he gives us hope that we are actually a good football team. I want to believe it, but like, I honestly have no clue.

But if we are being honest, the only possible way for us to be competitive is for Nicky 6 to put up absolute ridiculous numbers time and time again. Our defense, more specifically our secondary, is GOD AWFUL. All they do is get burned time and time again. I would rather go watch paint dry until the offense takes over because oh my god I can’t stand watching them give up easy touchdowns. But I digress

Nick Foles threw for 471 yards, 4 TD’s, 1 INT, and had a ridiculous 122.1 QBR. But my MVPs today was the tandem of Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery. They combined for 8 catches, and 198 yards. Match that with some timely catches down the stretch, gives the birds a win in a do or die game.

Next week I am more worried about DA BEARS game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears need to win in order for my guys to make the playoffs, and Mitch Trubisky is suspect as hell, so we will see. My opinion is that they will somehow manage to win 13-10. Putting the ball back in Big Dick Nicks hands against the Redskins.

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P.S yo Lafferty Daniel,

Your bouta get Steven Ames’d son #9&8


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