Recap of Kentucky’s Season through 10 Games

Look I will be the first to say that I am a very bias fan when it comes to Kentucky basketball. After seeing the way the team was playing in the Bahamas I think every fan was ready to hang the ninth banner and look on to next season. But like all good things there was a catch so lets just get into the season and see how they’ve been doing.

game 1



“Fuck Duke” is all i have to say. Part of my soul was left at Bankers Life Fieldhouse but thankfully it was left in the nosebleed seats. Duke looked good and Kentucky looked scared and bad, but both of these teams are young so Kentucky has time to figure it out and Duke has time to screw things up.

Kentucky 84 – Duke 118

Southern Illinois, North Dakota, VMI, Winthrop , TN State, Monmouth, UNC Greensboro

I’ll save myself from sounding like a broken record for these 7 games, it’s the same story almost every game, Kentucky starts out slow and gets down 10 or so points and then Cal has to take a time out, get them together and find away to get back in the game. It is a very frustrating way to watch a game but as long as they win I don’t really care what happens during the game.

Kentucky 7-0 again t these teams

Seton Hall


As a College Basketball fan this was a fun game to watch, crazy shots, overtime, and the game being on Fox in Madison Square Garden, it was a very good game. But as a Kentucky fan you hate to be on the losing end of a game like that, when Kentucky hits a half court shot to send it to overtime but then you end up losing, you almost wish you didn’t make it in the first place.

Seton Hall 84 – Kentucky 83



This is the first Game that they showed some decent flashes. They started slow like they always do but once they got focused and started playing it was impressed but the team. Tyler Herro finally was able to make some 3-pointers including a buzzer beater right before halftime. Keldon Johnson and Reid Travis continue to be our best players and should only get better. We also got a glimpse of Jamarl Baker who only played 2 minutes but showed his great shooting everyone has been hearing about by making 2 3-pointers in those 2 minutes.

Kentucky 88 – Utah 61

Quade Green Transfer

Sophomore Point Guard Quade Green transferred a few days before the Utah game, but by watching the game it didn’t look like the Cats missed him to much. I think with his departure it will allow for Hagans and Quickly to step up and get more playing time to develop. I’m sure there will be a game or 2 this year that the Cats will miss Green either because of his shooting ability or if they get into foul trouble. But Quade was an undersized point guard who wasn’t a great defender and had turnover problem, and you can’t play at Kentucky with that type of play. He also wasn’t a NBA talent right now and I’m not sure the other point guards on this team are yet either so with all of them returning and adding another guard or 2 next year he probably say he wouldn’t get much playing time.

Outlook for the Rest of the Season

I still think this Kentucky team has the ability to win a national championship but they need to start making some strides soon or that won’t e the case. they play North Carolina, and Louisville in there next 2 games which will great test to win the fanbase back and hopefully get some confidence back in this group. The SEC is one of the strongest leagues this season with Tennessee being a top 5 team. Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi St, and Vandy are all quality teams this year and the rest of the league is not to bad either so the SEC games are not going to be a cake walk like they normally are. Like I said earlier I think that this can be a really good team and if they get back to how they were playing in the Bahamas, and get some quality wins in the next couple of weeks this will be a scary team for any team to play come March.



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