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Eagles Playoff Hopes, and My Bank Account Stay Alive Thanks to Nick Foles


Somehow, someway, we got it done last night. The fact that we were a 13.5 point underdog was a joke in my opinion but oh my god, it was the performance we needed with our back against the wall.

The defense stood on its head all night, and finally committed some turnovers, and also forced Goff to dink and dump Circa Tom Brady every year of his career.

Now they did start to do the classic Eagles/Sixers thing of choking a big lead in the 4th Quarter, but my dad always says: “You win by 1, you sin by 100.” So I’ll take that W and run home with it.

But there comes good news and bad news for the team:

Good news: our playoff hopes are still alive, and the cowgirls got shutout on sunday

Bad News: The twitterverse and morons are exploding because they think that Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz, which is just not true at all, but I will save that for another post.

Nick Foles played solid completing 77% of his passes for 270 yards, 1 INT and a 89 QBR.

Jared Goff played his 2nd garbage game in a row completing 64% of his passes for 339 yards, 2 INT and a 66 QBR

Overall I am pleased with the performance from the Birds last night and hope they can make another run at the Super Bowl 

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1 comment on “Eagles Playoff Hopes, and My Bank Account Stay Alive Thanks to Nick Foles

  1. Oh Ron. I enjoyed reading your article! But, I have one question for you – how many times did Nick Foles fumble the snap last night???

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