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Bengals Week 15 Recap: Playoffs?!

It’s around 6:45 on a Monday night and I’m finally recapping the MONUMENTAL much needed win the Bengals picked up Sunday afternoon against the flatlined Oakland Raiders. Now excuse the grammar (I’ll probably come back and proofread this so no worries) and excuse the fiery hot takes, your man is feeling dangerous because he ordered the wings right below “medium” on the hotness scale at Frickers. Anyways let’s breakdown this game.

A lot of people (2) proclaimed on my Reddit post of my Week 15 Primer that “they wouldn’t watch the game because who cares?” Well to those two people I plead to you that you abstain from watching any other games going forward. Is it just a coincidence that after they proclaim there protest of Bengals games we finally win one? Probably. But even though most wanted a loss to move up the draft board for 2019, you can’t deny it was nice to see the Bengals get a W after a 5 week drought.


Getting started with two straight penalties is not an ideal way to start the game, but I’m a firm believer in “it’s only uphill from here and buddy it was. After some back and fourth finally with 3 minutes left in the quarter the Bengals draw first blood via a 7 yard pass from “The Friskel” Jeff Driskel to Tyler “The Creator” Boyd. Boyd is showing a lot of potential as a solid #2 WR behind A.J. Green. Could Boyd be a #1 WR on another team? Absolutely. This not only speaks to how talented Boyd is, but also how when 100% A.J. Green is in a league of his own. Let’s hope we see Boyd grow as a WR and stay in the orange and black unlike other solid WR’s who’ve played behind Green (Marvin Jones & Mohamed Sanu). 

I was satisfied with a 7-0 lead as the Bengals D seemed to keep the Oakland offense in check for much of the 1st quarter.

Just kidding. I got the taste of blood and wanted to see the Bengals tear this team to shreds like an actual fucking Bengal tiger would. With 10:17 left in the 2nd quarter my thirst for blood was temporarily satisfied after a Joe Mixon 1 yard TD run. Mixon along with the previously mentioned Tyler Boyd are the pieces that will help put the offense in top 5 talks in a few seasons. Mixon is a game changer and can seemingly break the game open at anytime as seen by his MONSTROUS 47 yard run in Sunday’s game. As predicted by your’s truly Mr. Mixon broke off for another 100+ rushing game complimented by two TD’s. Although Oakland’s defense is a slouch (26th ranked) heading into Sunday’s game, let’s give credit where credit is due. The offensive line did their job for two straight weeks now and we’re seeing the payoff in Mixon having big games. 

I’ll just glance over the fact the Raiders were finally able to get rid of the goose egg as the Bengals lead 17-7, it didn’t matter the Bengals were in control the entire half. Just for good measure the Bengals decided to kick a field goal and make it a cool 13 point lead heading into halftime. 

I won’t lie after halftime it did feel like the Bengals were in cruise control. A scoreless 3rd quarter saw the Raiders capitalize with 2 field goals and bring the game within one possession. The Bengals who are as we all know notorious for playing only 2 quarters of quality football a game, had me questioning if everything that happened in the 1st half was a fluke. 

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It wasn’t as the 4th quarter saw the Bengals put the nail in the coffin with a Randy Bullock field goal and Joe Mixon 15 yard run to seal the fate and collect the W. 

What were some takeaways from this game? 

  1. Marvin can’t win when we want him to and can’t lose we want him too.
  2. The Bengals are showing signs of life albeit it’s too late for this season, it still gives me hope for 2019.
  3. Speaking of 2019 although Marvin is playing with some balls and going for it on 4th down lately, he needs to go as the coach and someone else (NOT HUE JACKSON) needs to be wearing the headset.
  4. Like I said although most expected (and wanted) a loss on Sunday don’t expect the Bengals to not be able to get a solid pick in the draft. With Devon White projected as fringe top 10 pick and the Bengals sitting outside of the top 10 at #11, he’s practically a Bengal at this point.
  5. Rumors are swirling that Dwayne Haskins may be the choice for the Bengals as the QB of the future. Whether he falls outside of the top 10 for the Bengals or they trade up for him I don’t like this move. Yes he could light up the scoreboard at Ohio State but his lack of mobility scares me and if the offensive line falls back into old habits we’ll be back to square 1.  

I’ll be back Friday with a primer for the rival game against the Browns. 

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P.S. We after being back in the playoff hunt for a whopping 3 hours we were eliminated for good. 

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