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Bengals Week 15 Primer

Alright let’s just dive head first into this….wait.

Answer, the fans. As much as we want shit on how awful the coaching is, how the season’s been going, or how much of a fucking idiot Mike Brown is we will still tune into to watch the game on Sunday. I’m not saying every Bengals fan will watch all 60 minutes, but we’d be lying if we told ourselves we won’t check out ANY of the game. Whether you’re at the fruit market (against your will), or sitting front row for your kids ELECTRIC 4th grade basketball game, or just plopped on the couch with a throbbing headache wondering why you had Uber Eats deliver $30 worth of Skyline to your apartment at 1AM (T’s and P’s to your toilet), you’ll check in on the game in some capacity. And this is where I come in. Whether you want to follow the game on TV or just casually check in via social media I got you. Consider me the Cheeseburger Eddie to your Paul Crewe. 


Sunday 12/16 @ 1PM ET 

Where to watch/check in:

CBS (Pray that Dan Fouts is not calling the game). Follow our Twitter @NosebleedTakes for live updates/commentary. 


We could be seeing the end of an era in the jungle on Sunday afternoon. This is the home finale for the Bengals and possibly the last time Marvin Lewis stands on the sidelines as the Home coach. Love him or hate him (mostly hate) we could possibly see the 2nd longest tenured coach behind Bill Belichick for the last time, so either get the kegs tapped and ready for celebration, or put on all black and put “I Will Remember You” by Sarah Mclachlan on repeat. 

What to Expect:

  1. Expect the Raiders fresh off of a win over the Kings of the AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers to look and build on Derek Carr’s 322 yards and 2 TD game against the 31st worst defense in the NFL (via ESPN). 
  2. Expect the 26th ranked ranked Bengals offense to get into a solid back and fourth with the 28th ranked Raider defense. 
  3. Expect Reggie Nelson (who’s on IR) to have more of an impact in the secondary than any Bengal DB. 
  4. Expect multiple close shots of Jon Gruden with either a goofy smile or an angry face, no middle ground of emotion from the great Grudino.
  5. Expect the announcers to play up the fact that this may be Lewis’ last game as head coach of the Bengals (much like they did last year on Monday Night Football when the Steelers came to town). 
  6. Expect the defensive line to breakthrough and get to Carr a few times.
  7. Expect an alright game from QB Jeff Driskel while Mixon has another great game breaking for 100+rushing yards and 50 receiving yards. 
  8. Expect WR Tyler Boyd to get the 10 yards he needs to become the 1st Bengal not named A.J. Green to break 1000+ receiving yards in a season since Chad Ochocinco Johnson in 2009.


This game is going to be ugly. Most are hoping for a loss in hopes we climb the ranks and sneak into the top 10 (maybe even top 5) for the 2019 draft. As much as I want the Bengals to win I can’t argue with that logic as this season is already fucked. Having said that I think in true Bengals fashion when we are all hoping for a loss, will find a way to win this game and Marvin Lewis feels the hot seat get just a few degrees cooler. 

Bengals 28 Raiders 14


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