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Take a look at potential Bengal Devin White

Devin White a junior linebacker out of LSU is projected in most mock drafts to fall into the Bengals lap a little before the midway point of the 2019 NFL Draft. While most big boards I’ve seen put White just outside of the top 10, some have had him as high as #5. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire so I’m inclined to believe this inside linebacker could be a tremendous help to the Bengals defense. 

With Burfict usually injured or suspended our linebacker core has relied mostly on the likes of the versatile Vincent Ray, Nick Vigil, and Jordan Evans. While the previously mentioned LB’s are no slouches by any means bringing in a playmaker like Devin White will only help the Bengals. If you’ve read my past blogs on the Bengals I’ve been lobbying for rebuilding the secondary, but I’m sure they can find some quality DB’s in the later rounds (although if the Bengals decide to take Amani Oruwariye CB out of Penn State in the 1st round I wouldn’t complain). 

Now if you’re not an SEC fan (like myself) you’ve probably only heard about Devin White occasionally when you turn on SportsCenter or College Football Final. So for those who are unaware here’s a quick rundown of Devin White.

  1. 2018 Dick Butkus Award winner (as you can see from the picture I used for the blog) 
  2. 54 solo tackles 61 assisted and 3 sacks in 12 games (2018)
  3. #1 in the NCAA and SEC in 2017 for assisted tackles
  4. #1 in the SEC for assisted tackles in 2018

As you can see Devin White is an LB who’s involved in a lot of plays and has an eye for the ball-carrier. But while the stats paint a pretty picture let’s look at some highlights. 

After seeing the facts and video that have been put in front of me I would welcome Devin White to the Bengals with open arms. How about it Bengals fans? 


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