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No matter how bad things are right now just put on a happy face when Paul Guenther returns on Sunday

Paul Guenther makes his triumphant return to the jungle on Sunday (1PM ET) and we as Bengals fans can’t let him see us like this.

For those unaware Guenther is the former defensive coordinator for the Bengals, taking over in 2014 after Mike Zimmer’s accepted the head coaching position with the Minnesota Vikings. Although Guenther was only DC for 3 seasons he had been with the organization in multiple coaching roles since 2005.

But Guenther’s tenure as an member of the Bengals staff came to an end in 2018 when he left for what he thought was greener pastures in Oakland coaching under Jon Gruden. Those green pastures caught a major case of brown patch disease as the Raiders are a joke, currently sitting at 3-10 this season with any chances of saving the season gone.

If the Bengals were a playoff contender this blog would have an entirely different tone. I’d be advising fans to boo Guenther and make it known to him that he made the wrong choice by leaving us to join Gruden and co. Instead the Bengals as we all know are 5-8 and stuck in a 5 game losing streak. So instead of flaunting off some new found success we are vacationing in the pit of misery along with Guenther and the Raiders. The only difference being we just happen to be staying in the Holiday Inn while they’re stuck in a single room at the Motel 6.

It’s happened to all of us we’ve been there after breakups. You think you’ll be looking and doing so much better that when you run into your ex their jaw will hit the floor as they instantly regret how things ended. Instead you’re about 20 pounds heavier in all the wrong places, beard unkempt, clothes stained and wrinkled. So Sunday afternoon we all have to put on our happy face, fake smile and not show Guenther just how bad it’s been since he left.

All we can do is pretend that this season isn’t as bad as it is and hope we can beat a Raiders team that just took down our AFC rival/leader in the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Remember happy faces!!!!

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2 comments on “No matter how bad things are right now just put on a happy face when Paul Guenther returns on Sunday

  1. That requires showing up. I think not showing up is the better option.

    • Yeah can confirm I’m not going but I’m going to subject myself to watching because this season is the car crash I can’t look away from.

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