Irish Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of 2 playoff wins

For anybody that says Notre Dame doesn’t deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs can go step on a Lego. This year has been something special for the Irish and they will be looking to continue that momentum in Arlington Texas December 29th against Clemson. Now I know what you are all thinking, “Notre Dame is going to get demolished just like last time” but hear me out. That so called blowout was against arguably the best football team Alabama has ever produced with the likes of Amari Cooper, Haha Clinton Dix, Kenyan Drake, T.J. Yeldon, Eddie Lacy, Landon Collins, A.J. McCarron, you get where I’m going with this. That team could have beaten a handful of NFL teams that year. 

This year is different (obviously because they start the title run against Clemson and not Alabama). This Irish team is special and is solid on both sides of the ball. They have also always played Clemson close. Last time these two teams met it was a disgustingly rainy night at Clemson where the Irish fell just a two point conversion short of tying them. This year the Golden Domers have two solid QB’s, a slew of RB’s, and that deep threat with Miles Boykin. The defense is also playing its best football which I think will play a big part in the game against the young inexperienced Trevor Lawrence. The defense will be the deciding factor as ND has given up an average of 17 points per game while the Tigers score on average 45 a game. Something’s gotta give. 

As a Notre Dame fan I am a little biased here but biases aside don’t you dare count out Notre Dame in this game. Its gonna be a fight but I think the Irish will pull it out.

Final score Notre Dame:28 Clemson:24.

Lets go Irish!


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