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Could a blast from the past fall right into the Bengal’s lap?

I’ll keep this short and sweet I’ll jump for joy if Mike Zimmer is out as the Vikings HC this season. This coupled with the Marvin Lewis firing rumor are creating a perfect storm for the coaching change we’ve all been longing for since 2014.

Mike Zimmer checks all the boxes for the Head Coach the Bengals need.

  1. No nonsense guy
  2. Familiar with the organization already
  3. Defense oriented
  4. Accountable
  5. Reliable
  6. Please come coach the Bengals Mike!

Bringing back Zimmer and focusing on rebuilding the secondary is a win win for the Bengals in my opinion. A little trip down Wikipedia lane and you’ll see Zimmer lead the Bengals defense to 4th in the league in 2009 (while winning Assistant coach of the year in the process). Then in 2011, the Bengals finished with the 7th ranked defense in total yards and 9th ranked defense in points allowed. And in Zimmer’s last year as the Bengals defensive coordinator the Bengals finished with the 6th ranked defense in total yards and 8th ranked defense in points allowed.

With the current and potential future pieces on the defensive side of the ball Zimmer could resurrect what at one time was feared defense for a QB to line up against week in and week out.

Also the man knows how to handle adversity well. If you remember in 2016 Teddy Bridgewater went down with one of the more gruesome injuries during an off-season practice. While some coaches would panic when your “franchise” quarterback goes down, Zimmer handled it the only way he knows how.

This is the guy who should be leading the Orange and Black into the jungle next season. We’ve let a lot of good OC’s and DC’s leave for the greener grass opting to staying what we’re used to with Marvin Lewis. If this falls into the Bengal’s lap they’d be a fool to not take it and let Zimmer slip away TWICE now.

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