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Are all NBA Point Guards “Truthers”?

To be honest I don’t know which school should feel more ashamed here. On one hand it’s been pretty clear Duke players don’t attend classes or do their homework. And on the flip side I’m pretty sure at Davidson you don’t have the clout to just skip class and have people do your work for you. Gun to my head I’ll go with Davidson taking the bigger L on this one. I mean you have a guy who attended your prestigious school for 3 years and that’s his biggest takeaway? At least with Duke you have hundreds of other players to gloat about and of course the National Championships. Davidson well…..they kind of only haveĀ had Steph Curry to parade around and brag about. You never hear a Davidson alum bring up undrafted Brandon Williams or former #1 pick in the 1965 draft Fred “Pretzel” Hetzel when they talk basketball. It’s pretty much Steph Curry or bust. If I’m a Davidson alum I’m brushing up on my Brandon Williams and Fred Hetzel facts so you don’tĀ  become the laughing stock of your office at the water-cooler.

I’m not here to debate which truther comes off worse but rather to discuss the latest trend in point guards becoming “woke” in the NBA. Also I’m not a ” truther” shamer at all. Believe what you want to believe when it comes conspiracy theories. I may laugh in your face for believing these theories, but guess who gets the last laugh if the earth is actually flat and the moon landing was fake? This new trend in elite point guards becoming “truthers” has me playing the matching game and predicting which top point guards would believe or be a part of which conspiracy theory.

1) Russell Westbrook “Illuminati

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“This conspiracy proposes that a secret group called theĀ IluminatiĀ has been really controlling the world and is looking to create a one world government.”

Whoa……makes a lot of sense now when you think about it. Russ is a totalitarian player always in control and has the stat lines to back it up. I’m staying woke on Russ staying woke on the Illuminati here.

2) Chris Paul “The Attacks on 9/11 Were an Inside Job”Ā 

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Guess who was the insurance agent that had closed on insuring the World Trade Center just six months before September 11th 2001? Makes you think.

3) John Wall “Lizard People aka ā€œReptiliansā€ Are Running the World”

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That’s the face of a guy who has lived on nothing but Mountain Dew LiveWire, Flaming Hot Cheetos and Alex Jones videos for an entire offseason.

4) Damian Lillard “Aliens Are Contacting Us”

An actual line from Lillard’s alter ego Dame D.O.L.L.A.’s freestyle from Sway in the Morning. “Me being the chosen one was like a blessing interception” Sounds a lot like a guy who was abducted by aliens and is now very woke on the fact they exist.

5) Rajon Rondo “Anti-Vaxxer”

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Leave it to a guy who doesn’t believe in a having a jump-shot to not believe having your shots at the Dr’s office.


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