2018 College Football “Regular Season” Review

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Well, this past Saturday as the last day of college football. there was no way better to finish the regular season of college football than with Army(9-2) vs Navy(3-9)  also known as “Americas Game”. Now I’m a huge Michigan fan but Being in the “Army” National Guard and my girlfriend being in the Navy this game came with bragging rights for the next year. As usual, it was a ground and pound game with neither team throwing over 100yds. In the end, the Black Knights ended up defeating the Midshipmen with a 17-10 victory.

On to Michigans season. This year they had a good season EXCEPT that they got exposed by Ohio State losing 39-62. This year has proven again that Jim Harbaugh cannot win big games against good teams. Michigan(10-2) finished the regular season at #7 and will play #10 Florida(9-3) in the CHIC-FIL-LAY PEACH BOWL

Conference Championships

Sec Championship                                                                                                       

#1 Alabama 35   #4 Georgia 28

Georgia gave Bama a run for their money in the first half and the third quarter. But in the 4th quarter, the Crimson Tide pulled away to win the game. Alabama will play Oklahoma in the College football playoff

Big 12 Championship

#5 Oklahoma 39   #14 Texas 27

As expected Oklahoma outlasted the Longhorns to be able to play Alabama as stated above. Iowa State played Drake the same day for who the fuck knows why.

ACC Championship

#2 Clemson 42   Pitt 10

This one was no surprise at all. Clemson is an offensive powerhouse and I knew Pitt wasn’t going to be able to keep up. Clemson advances to the Playoffs. Pitt will be in the Sun Bowl to play Stanford

Big Ten Championship

#6 Ohio State 45   #21 Northwestern 24

The Big Ten West was garbage this year so it’s no surprise Northwestern couldn’t pull this one out. But I didn’t expect them to. Ohio State advances to the Rose Bowl. While Northwestern will play in the Holiday Bowl.

PAC-12 Championship 

#11 Washington 10   #17 Utah 3

The real winners of this game were the people that bet the Under. Washington will Play in the Rose Bowl against the Buckeyes. while Utah will play Northwestern.

Mountain West Championship 

#25 Fresno St 19   #22 Boise State 16

This game was the only championship game that went into Overtime so it was fun to watch. Fresno State will play Arizona State in The Vegas Bowl. While Boise State will play in the First Responder Bowl.

AAC Championship

#8 UCF 56   Memphis 41

UCF overcame a 17 point deficit to win the game. But as expected  They will not play in the playoffs even though they are on a 25 game win streak. They will play LSU in the Fiesta Bowl, and Memphis will play Wake Forest in the Birmingham Bowl.


#3 Notre Dame won because they are too scared to play in a conference. But they will get exposed by #2 Clemson in the playoffs.

                 College Football Playoffs

   #1 Alabama vs #4 Oklahoma  

Although Oklahoma has a high powered offense I don’t believe they have played a defense nearly as good as Alabama

      #2 Clemson vs #3 Notre Dame

I think that Clemson is going to expose Notre Dame. I personally think that Clemson can beat Bama but I guess we will see.



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