New weekly blog: Hot Take Friday!

I’ve retired the “Chavy’s Thoughts” weekly blog (my life hasn’t been that interesting lately) and decided to replace it with something a little more user interactive. And that kids is how “Hot Takes Friday” was born. I’ll ask for users to tweet us a hot take they have to our main account @NosebleedTakes and I’ll post them here. The catch (because there’s always a catch) is I’ll be the Judge Judy of sorts, deciding if these are takes are hot, cold, right, wrong, and so fourth.


Yes it is true almost 99.9% of the bets I make end with me losing. But much like Brett Favre and Rocky Balboa I don’t know when to hang it up so I proceed to dig myself into a deeper hole week after week after week after week.


This is isn’t just your normal hot take. This is I didn’t hear the timer go off and now my house is on the verge of burning down hot take. I’m so confident this won’t happen that if it does I’ll run a naked half marathon.


With a whopping two responses this week that’ll wrap it up for Hot Take Friday!

Image result for deuces disappear gif


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