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Mike Krzyzewski the next Rick Pitino?

So I’m sure if you follow College Basketball you know that Andre McGeethe head of basketball operations at the University of Louisville hired strippers and prostitutes for high school recruits from 2010 to 2014, and how (ex)head coach Rick Potinio knew about payments other coaches made to recruits. You also know that last February they had to vacate their 2013 National Championship which then makes the MICHIGAN WOLVERINES the champions from that year. Anyways back to what I was gonna talk about. This year Duke men’s basketball signed the TOP 3 recruits. Now Duke usually does pretty well with recruiting but they never get the TOP 3 recruits, so that makes me think that something might be going on over at good ole Duke University. Whether it’s paying the Recruits or hiring girls to give them happy ending. Or I could be completely wrong and it good be 100% legit. Who really knows (besides the parties involved). In the end I feel that with R.J. Barrett(#1 pick), Cameron Reddish(#2 pick) and the very well know Zion Williamson(#3 pick) the Duke Blue Devils will be dominating the tournament come March. I definitely look forward to seeing how dominating this team is this year.


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