First Time Betting with MyBookie

So the Steelers vs Panthers game on Thursday Night Football was the first time ever betting with My Bookie and boy was it a SUCCESS. I placed two different bets. One bet being on that the Steelers were gonna win, and the other on the Over/Under which was at 50.5. I bet the Over because I figured it was going to be a shootout the way Cam Newton and Big Ben were both throwing the ball. What I didn’t expect was for the Steelers to flat out dominate the Panthers. Ben threw 22-25 for 328 yards and 5 touchdowns and the Steelers defense held Carolina to only 242 total yards.

Then on Friday night I bet the Over(70pts) for 13th Ranked Syracuse VS Louisville. Syracuse absolutely dominated them with a score of 54-23. Eric Dungey threw 14-27 for 192 with 1 TD and 1 Int. Then Moe Neal had 8 carries for 159 yards and 2 TDS. Louisville looked like a complete train wreck on offense. The game after that 23rd ranked Fresno State played Boise’s State. Before this game the Boise State Broncos where 111-8 at home since 2000(now 112-8). The final score of the game was 24-17 with the Broncos scoring two TDs in the Fourth Quarter to win. I bet the Over for that game which was 56pts. Sadly it didn’t get there but I was still happy to see Boise come out with the W. So I go into Saturday 2-3 on bets.

Saturday I was 2-3 on bets as well. I only bet on two games and me being Michigan VS Rutgers and the other being Oregon VS Utah. For the Michigan game I bet on a First Half Over which was 27 and the Second Half Over which was 21. The Michigan game reminded me how dominate the Wolverines Defense is and I truly believe they can beat Ohio State on Nov 24th. It also showed how good the offense is. For the Oregon game I bet on the First Half Over which was 26.5. They only ended up scoring 26pts so I missed that one by half a point. But I was going into Sunday with some confidence.

Sunday was absolutely terrible. The only games I won money on where the Saints who absolutely obliterated the Bengals, and the Chargers who beat the Raiders. So all in all my first weekend gambling on sports was an interesting time yet addicting to where I will definitely do it again next weekend.


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