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AFC North Week 11 Preview

11 weeks down, 7 more to go. While the AFC North seems to be a lock for the Steelers for shits and gigs I’ll just throw out the old tired sports cliché “It’s still anyone’s ball game!”


1) Pittsburgh Steelers

After watching the Steelers tie the Browns and lose to the Chiefs I thought I was in for a real treat as the Steelers were collapsing before my very eyes. I’ve seen this movie too many times to know that this wasn’t going to be the case. But dammit can’t a guy dream? Now with the Le’Veon Bell saga behind them this season they can really hit their stride and are a serious contender to win the AFC this year. This week the Steelers head into Jacksonville a team that had their number in the regular and post season last year for a shot at redemption. With the exception of missing Bell this is the same Steelers team from 2017, the Jaguars not so much. The Jags have seen their luck pack up and skip town as they’re off to an abysmal 3-6 start this year. Expect the Steelers to get one back and grab an easy road win as they pummel the Jags.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers (-6 easy money)


2) Cincinnati Bengals

Copy and paste my thoughts on the Steelers switching out the bad start with a good start and you have the Bengals. I got my hopes up a little too high and have watched my NFL world crumble before me as the Bengals haven’t looked like a playoff caliber team for over a month. Coming off what can only be described as an embarrassing showing against the Saints they look to bounce back against a team they looked great against in prime time in the Baltimore Ravens. I’m taking it week by week  with the Bengals as I’m a little more grounded in my expectations for what the rest of the season holds for us. Playoffs? Not worried about it until they come around. I do expect the Bengals to take down what could be a Joe Flacco-less Ravens as they solidify their spot as the clear #2 in the AFC North.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (DON’T BET ON THIS GAME!)


3) Baltimore Ravens

Hard to believe Flacco and Harbaugh won a Super Bowl just 6 seasons ago. Yeah go ahead Wikipedia it. Question what’s more surprising? The fact the Ravens won a Super Bowl or the that they beat the 49ers to win it? Currently it’s considered grounds for a 51/50 if you were to seriously predict the Ravens or 49ers would even sniff a Super Bowl. The Ravens are a shell of their former selves and Harbaugh has to be getting a serious case of swamp ass on that hot seat. I see no way they beat the Bengals on Sunday as they plunge further and further down the pecking order in the AFC.

Pick Prediction: The Ravens are last in the AFC by the end of the regular season.


4) Cleveland Browns

I just wanted to post the GOAT TV theme of the 90’s now onto my breakdown.

The Cleveland Browns are finally turning things around. I was a little hesitant on firing Hue Jackson mid-season, considering this season was his best yet. But after seeing just how broken his brain is after he was let go it seemed to be for the better. I’m rooting for Cleveland to finally turn things around (just as long as they don’t eclipse the Bengals of course). Coming off a HUGE win over the Falcons the Browns are going into a bye week which means one thing…..THE BROWNS WILL GO TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS WITHOUT LOSING!!!!!!!

Image result for crowd celebrating gif

Pick: Browns avoid the losing bug…which they catch in week 12 as they play the Bengals.


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