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Why Bengals fans shouldn’t worry if AJ Green doesn’t play this week.

With A.J. Green “potentially” out until December, the return of former offensive coordinator Hue Jackson will unfold, oh and a team that hasn’t looked above average since the last time they played the Ravens many Bengals fans are or at least should worried about how the rest of the season will play out. But what if I told you there’s nothing to worry about if Green is out this week against the Baltimore Ravens?

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Unless you haven’t been watching the Bengals at all this year you probably already have seen second year wide receiver Tyler Boyd becoming an key part of the Bengals offense.  Seeing an expanded role as the #2 receiver now that Brandon LaFell is gone has done wonders for the 2nd year player out of Pitt. Seeing no less than 5 targets in all but two game this year (Primetime Bengals are notoriously bad so you have to let that slide and the Saints game was a disaster) and seeing double digit looks in 2 games Boyd has become a new favorite target of QB Andy Dalton. When you take into account that he has caught over half of the passes thrown to him all year  74% to be exact, he has proven to be a reliable option when Green is either injured or doubled up in coverage.

The Ravens haven’t let Boyd’s recent success go unnoticed either heading into Sunday’s game.

So if Green is ruled out for Sunday’s game expect a tough outing for Boyd who will likely see double coverage all game. Having said that I still expect a solid outing from Boyd as the Bengals take down the struggling flaccid Flacco-less Ravens. And if Green does play this week (still up in the air) then expect an all out assault of air strikes from Andy Dalton!

P.S. Telling someone to pick up Tyler Boyd off of waivers instead of vulturing him for myself still haunts me to this day. Lesson learned don’t give opposing owners advice no matter what in fantasy football. Even if they’re your brother in law.


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