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Follow up thought: I think it’s time we all collectively ignore Brett McMurphy as well.

If you recall on Tuesday I blogged about another Zach Smith Twitter meltdown and suggested we just ignore him until he goes away. Well I’m back with another solution to the problem, ignore the guy who keeps triggering these meltdowns.

In my completely unbiased opinion Brett McMurphy sucks. Now before you label me a “crazy Buckeye fan” you should know a few things.

  1. I’ve been labeled a fair weather fan on multiple occasions (I deny such baseless accusations)
  2. I was all for firing Zach Smith.
  3. I had something for this.
  4. I’m usually level headed about most controversies in sports even if it includes my favorite teams or athletes.
    1. Rondo didn’t spit on Chris Paul intentionally.
    2. I agree Vontaze Burfict is a dirty player.
    3. The Steelers are the absolute worst. (okay, there’s the 0.001% of the time I’ biased)

When McMurphy broke the Zach Smith story before the season it garnered nationwide coverage and put coach Urban Meyer on the hottest of hot seats. Some called for his job, while others stood outside the Horseshoe rallying for the coach to keep his job. I thought a suspension was the right punishment for Meyer given the murkiness of the accusations. Whether you agree that a three game suspension was a fitting punishment it seemed like most of us had moved on. Brett didn’t get that memo. I didn’t know who Brett McMurphy was until he broke the Zach Smith story. Figuring out if this was due to my slightly average knowledge of college football reporters or the fact Brett’s a nobody was settled in the most millennial way possible…..I searched for him on Wikipedia. When that turned up nothing but “did you mean (insert name here)” I knew we were dealing with a nobody.

I’m sure it’s every journalist’s dream to break a story that gets your name hanging from the internet rafters for all to see years from now when they build the internet Hall of Fame (it’s inevitable I’d bet $1000 there will be a physical Internet Hall of Fame built by 2030). And I’m sure Brett saw his opportunity to get his name etched along with the greats such as Timmy Burke (Manti Te’o fake girlfriend story), Adam Schefter, Adrian Wojnarowski, Ian Rappaport when this story fell into his lap. When that didn’t turn out to be the case Brett felt like he was cheated out of his time in the spotlight, his big dance number cut from the show and nobody cared. This left Brett with a chip on his shoulder in his eyes to right this wrong (100% speculation). Being a part of this group of journalists arm chair experts we know that no person is bigger than the story, it’s what we signed up for. We don’t do this for the groupies (I say this sarcastically but I bet there are some Schefty Stans who’d want him to go up on them), we do it for the love of the game.

Fast forward to Tuesday and Brett releases the worst sequel since Grease 2 in the form of this story.

Simply put this was the last act of a desperate man. A story with more holes than Swiss cheese that was more fixated on using buzzwords to get attention rather than have any substance. Who was the “multiple sources”? One person Trevon Grimes’ father who hasn’t spoke to in over two years. It’s even written in the article Grimes even told McMurphy that his father wasn’t a credible source since he hadn’t spoke to him in two years. Desperation like you read about.

Buckeye players who were present when the alleged incident occurred even came to the defense of Smith via Twitter.

Then Leah Grimes (Trevon’s mother ) jumps from the top rope with the hammer!

Brett McMurphy did something I didn’t think was possible. He managed to make Zach Smith look good here.

Throwing out your credibility as a journalist in the name of good ol fashion revenge is a bold strategy that almost never works. With Urban threatening legal action for his baseless claims and now being one of the most hated people on sports Twitter right now, things aren’t looking to good for Brett McMurphy. “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

So maybe it’s time to move on from these idiots and channel this negative energy towards that team up north.




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