Dimitri Van den Bergh is my new (and first) favorite dart player

And just like that I’m a darts fan! Check out Mitri “Nine Darter” make history and move on in the Grand Slam of Darts.

I’ll admit I’ve never been one to watch the sport of darts when (barely) it’s on TV. It’s always struck me as an ESPN-8 “The Ocho” type of niche sport I just couldn’t sink my teeth into. If it was anything like watching competitive cornhole or “bag tossing” as ESPN calls it it would’ve been a hard pass for me. The bag throwing hardos on that show are the type of people I’d want to stuff in lockers. I now realize the errors of my way and am fully on board with darts. What’s not to love about this clip?

Bad-ass button-up shirts, overenthusiastic (and probably drunk) crowd, the camera work, and the suspense are all the makings of a sport I want to watch. Also with a championship tournament called the “Grand Slam of Darts” to boot this sport is one that hopefully catches on stateside.

Before I get into expanding darts stateside let’s not forget why I’m writing this blog. Dimitri Van den Bergh. This guy’s parents knew they’re son was born to sling darts when they gave him this name. With a name like this Dimitri only had 3 4 options, darts, porn,  serial killer, or a henchman in a Die Hard reboot. I for one am thankful he chose the world of darts to etch his name in history, and watching him throw a nine perfect darts was a thing of beauty. I’m lucky if I can hit one triple in any given game of darts at my local bar so when watching Dimitri throw nine perfect darts I at no point thought “that’s easy I can do that!” like I do when watching any NFL game or UFC fight. Also the man is a mixed bag of emotions when playing.

He’s cheeky.

Image result for Dimitri Van den Bergh


He’s not afraid to throw some dukes.

Image result for Dimitri Van den Bergh


And is always thinking of the fans (who I’m assuming he’s pointing to here.)

Image result for Dimitri Van den Bergh

You better believe I’ll be setting the DVR to record the next round of the Grand Slam of Darts and I’ll be wearing my bestest most bad-ass Ed Hardy button up in solidarity with Dimitri Van den Bergh!


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