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Letterkenny is Canada’s best kept secret.

“It doesn’t matter how you find the pot of gold, B to the rian. All that matters is that you beat the leprechauns.” – Stewie Griffin.

I stumbled upon Letterkenny unintentionally about a year ago on Facebook of all places. I think a friend’s dad had shared a video from a parody account with a scene from the show with the headline “Me when someone tries to take my daughter on a date LMAO LOL TOTALLY RELATABLE!!!!!!!!!” Despite that cancer of a description for whatever reason I stayed and watched the entire clip. I now present to you that clip sans cancerous headline for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty funny right? If you didn’t shoot back a Texas sized 10-4 on that I respect you’re right to disagree it’s what this country was founded upon. Just kidding go fuck yourself.

So what is Letterkenny? Letterkenny is a Canadian show that takes place in well you guessed it the small town of Letterkenny. The show follows “The Hicks” which consists of siblings Wayne and Katy, and their friends Darryl and Squirrely Dan as they run their farm and produce stand and live out their day to day life in the small town. While these are the protagonists of the show you’ll soon find out that the creator (who also stars as Wayne) made sure to cover every aspect of small town folks. You have the goth burnouts, the big dick swingers of the town groups, drunks, and athletes. If you’ve ever lived in a small town the show is easily relatable as you’ll match characters on the show to people from your small town days, if you’ve never lived in a small town trust me this is a fairly accurate account of how it is.

You’ve probably wondered by now “is this like Trailer Park Boys?” Yes and no. Yes it is a Canadian show that gives an accurate portrayal of a certain group of people and yes it uses the f-word very liberally but the similarities stop there. It’s a little more grounded and focused more on quick witted conversations and funny one liners than the over the top shenanigans you’d see Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian get into regularly.

While I’m a fan of both shows I’m giving the edge to Letterkenny because unlike Trailer Park Boys they follow the “less is more” approach (six episode seasons) rather than run it’s course like TPB (12 seasons 105 episodes, 3 movies, live shows, and Netflix specials).

You’re sold on the show now you’re wondering where you can watch it. Well if you’re just interested in the funny one liners you’ll easily find compilations on YouTube. But if you’re interested in watching the show you can find the first two seasons on Hulu.



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