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I think it’s time we all collectively ignore Zach Smith

Ooooooooooooof. Zach Smith is in the middle of what seems like the hundredth twitter meltdown since his dismissal from the Ohio State coaching staff. The latest seems to involve your classic hijinks such as getting rub n tugs at Asian masseuse parlors and putting a little vodka in your Gatorade. You know just some regular ol’ bro stuff.

Zach Smith is a man with nothing to lose at this point. He knows his career as a coach is over and in his eyes the only way to get any sort of retribution in this is to go down in a blaze of glory. Zach Smith is that guy in your friend group who is constantly involved in some shit and you debate whether or not you should get involved to diffuse the situation or just sit on the sidelines and ride it out. Getting involved will almost 10000% of the time end with your ass in the jackpot, but even if you don’t get involved there’s still a 99.9% chance you’re going to get dragged into it somehow.

We’ve all been in that situation, you’re buddy and his girlfriend are arguing in front of you at Taco Tuesday and you don’t know whether to diffuse the situation or just sit it out. If you try to diffuse the situation it’s assumed you’ve just picked a side and that can lead to your significant other leaving you to play a little 5 on 1 later that night. If you let the argument go on for to long as an innocent bystander you’re bound to be hit by a few stray bullets via you’re buddy throwing you under the bus for something you did awhile ago that’s not even relevant to the current argument.

Tom Herman fell into the latter part of that story as he’s stayed quiet for the most part during this saga, but finally he broke his silence in the best way possible. “Oh you’re going to tell everyone on Twitter how I like to get a rub and tug from an 65 year old Korean masseuse to relieve some stress?! You’re going to tell everyone how I’d have a little hair of the dog at coach’s meetings after a rough night at The Big Bang? Okay cool hook em.”


Nothing says fuck you like brushing off a threat like killing them with kindness. Herman remained cool, calm, and collected in the face of adversity and gave zero fucks.

Do I believe Zach Smith? Maybe. I think there’s a lot that goes on in the coaching world more specifically college sports than what most people think. If you look at the recent take down of Rick Pitino at Louisville and well just about every season you hear about new allegations regarding coaches and boosters paying for players, escorts, mistresses. Do I think Herman should lose his job for getting some multiple handjobs at a massage parlor? No. I think what’s happening here is that Zach Smith was exposed as a P.O.S. person and is now deflecting to others who even if they’re no saint themselves have not done anything as close to what Smith did.

While I’m sad that Smith is doing no favors for his family and kids by making an ass of himself on twitter, I’m all in on smashing the follow button if we keep getting twitter gold like this.


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