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Chicago Blackhawks open the season against the Ottawa Senators tonight and I don’t know what to expect

There’s a new hockey sheriff in town this upcoming NHL season. Yes I am the hockey guy here at Nosebleed Takes now. This position was going to remain open indefinitely until I purchased a Patrick Kane jersey way back when and decided to follow hockey closer than I have in previous years (which wasn’t a whole lot).  To put it into perspective my hockey knowledge peaks at the Slap Shot movies and the Mighty Ducks trilogy. So as you would expect I have no idea what to expect this year from the Chicago Blackhawks.

When I declared my hockey allegiance to the 312 Blackhawk’s Twitter was quick to inform me that it wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

It was at this point I realized….


But just like most of my other favorite sports teams I’m used to disappointment year in and year out. With the Bengals it usually settles in around week 12 or 13, while the Reds let me know right out of the gate I’m in for a miserable season. Based off what I’ve seen on Twitter it seems like the Blackhawk’s will fall into the latter category this season.

But wait! I have found some optimistic Blackhawk’s fans on Twitter! Now I’m not quite sure how to feel about tonight’s opener against the Senators.

I think I’ll ignore both sides and watch tonight’s game with an open mind and judge for myself just how good or bad this season will go. If they finish last in the West I’m used to rooting for bad sports teams. If they win the West and make it to the Stanley Cup (highly unlikely) I’ll take the credit for being their unofficial good luck charm and expect some sort of compensation at some point.

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