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NBA players have a phone addiction?! I for one am shocked.

The visual of Kevin Durant logging into his burner Twitter account during a random regular season game to see what “@yourmomlickedmydonkeysizedballs42069” is laugh out loud hilarious to me.

I do think the NBA may need to address this at some point so they do not have an “Antonio Brown recording a post game speech” incident on their hands. But at the same time smartphones have become a big part of our culture so you can’t outright ban them from using them at team facilities or games.

However, I am for the NBA telling players that not everything is Instagram worthy. I’ve provided 3 examples below of Instagram posts that if your friend posted you’d (rightfully) roast them in your group chat, but since it’s famous NBA players we give them a pass.


While alcohol posts and post party pics are still very much in play, less is more. LeBron did in 60 words (give or take) what he could’ve done in one sentence. This long-winded description of the previous night’s event lead me to believe it wasn’t “mad real”.

Grade: D-


The Panthers winning their first game is great for Panthers fans. But does it warrant a “candid” photo op as you exit your private jet? No, no it doesn’t. I may have been more lenient on this post if Curry was in any sort of Carolina Panthers gear, but since he isn’t that is going to knock a few points off of his grade. However, the fact he tagged Under Armor makes me think this was a sponsored post so I’ll give Curry the benefit of the doubt here.

Grade: C+


I’m not a fan of these types of posts at all. The pretend we’re talking or don’t see the camera pics make me want to vomit. Just post a picture of Coach K doing what he does best, write a congratulatory caption and move on. Also this was posted in March of 2017 roughly 6 months after Pat Summit passed away. Someone tell Kevin Love taking jabs at the deceased are off limit until a year has passed, or if it’s funny enough to take on the backlash.

Grade: F

As you can see we need the NBA to step in and train the players on the Do’s and Don’ts of posting on social media.

What does the news of players checking their social media mean for gamblers? Let’s say you’re sitting at halftime on a game you bet the cover wouldn’t get covered. A few troll tweets to the opposing team’s star player(s) gets them rattled and BOOM! You guarantee your bet is secure as they go ice cold in the 2nd half.



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