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Earl Thomas shows the Seahawks who’s #1 as he’s carted off the field.

Emotions are always running high when you’re facing a serious injury in the NFL. There’s two ways players handle getting carted off the field.

Sad, gutted, and deflated are probably all accurate (and similar) words that can sum up how Eifert felt after his season was cut short in brutal fashion on Sunday.

and then there’s this…..anger, anger, anger, and more anger.

For the record I’m on Earl Thomas’ side here. Thomas proved Le’veon Bell was right in sitting out for a better deal and avoiding a season ending injury that could cost him MILLIONS! 

Seeing Thomas flip off the sideline took me down the rabbit hole of other classic “flipping the bird” moments in sports, which I will now show you.


C’mon Johnny. Rule #1 of flipping the bird is to always make eye contact to establish dominance.



AJ Hawk with the “tilted middle finger” bird, a salute usually saved for when you’re holding a Budweiser and uninterested in taking a group pic at the Kenny Chesney concert.


Flipping off Russell Westbrook? Worthy of an ejection

Flipping off Kyle Singler and getting tossed for it? Injustice


Very Stone Cold Steve Austin esque here was Hall here in his exit. What keeps this from making the jump from good to great? Two ice cold Steveweisers.


Fictional? Yes. Still great? Abso-fucking-lutley.


Based off the way she’s wearing her flatbill (which she probably bought at Lids the day before) I’m not surprised she’s flipping off the camera. If the girl sitting next to her is her daughter than this looks like a textbook case of “I just had a mid life crisis so I’m my daughter’s twin now!” This guy (presumably her husband) looks like he already knows the roller coaster of a ride he’s in for. Thoughts and prayers buddy.


Pique’s giving the finger during Spain’s National Anthem, was this a form of protest?


The ref probably deserved this so let’s move on.


That’s not very Christian like Mr. Griffin.


Mascots doing anything negative while still having the stupid happy look on their face will never not be funny.


“Flip off a motherfucker face, run through a motherfucker face.”

      – Marshawn Lynch


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