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So while I was looking through my DK daily fantasy lineups, I came up with the stupid idea to join a SHOWDOWN CAPTAIN MODE. So if you don’t know what the Captain mode on DK is, its a state where you chose 5 flex spots and one captain that will receive a 1.5 bouns on every point that they get, the kicker is the captain is priced to be around $10000 more expensive  and you can only choose between on matchup. I was an idiot an chose probably the worse matchup possible and that is the Seattle Seahawks V. The Dallas Cowboys.

So in this one, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on why I’m making the choices I am, because really this is new to me and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I just thought it would be fun to learn how to play a new style of DFS, and log my successes, and obviously failures here!

Flex- Cole Beasley WR DAL ($7400)

I view him as the best receiving option for the Cowboys right now and should see a solid point return on receptions alone.

Flex- Brandon Marshall WR SEA ($6,800)

I really tried to get Tyler Lockett to work into this lineup, a lot like Kahlil Mack, the money just didn’t work. So I am going to settle with Marshall and his touch down potential, going up against the Cowboys second DB.

Flex- Dak Prescott QB DAL ($11,400)

Part of the reason why I chose Dak who only threw for one touchdown in two games, is because he was the cheaper option, and has the better offensive line. I also chose him because when Zeke is playing his best, Dak is also playing his best, this will make more sense later.

Flex- Geoff Swaim TE DAL ($1,600)

Unfortunately, I think this is a throw away pick, still having to pay up for my captain I just had no money to spend on another playmaker. Probably won’t happen, but I am hoping for at least a touchdown out of Swaim.

Flex- Dallas D/ST ($4,400)

This is another cheap option for us here, but not a throwaway, because, with the Seahawks offensive line in shambles, I am smelling a lot of sacks in bad throws in this one.

Captain- Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL ($18,000)

I feel like I am way overspending here for my captain, but I know that I am getting by far the best player in this game and one that should heavily involved in this one.


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