The Dynasty Tailgate: Week 3 Start Sit

With injury news coming out on some notable fantasy stars, today seems like a good day to go over The Dynasty Tailgates start sit options for week 3!


New Orleans Saints V. Atlanta Falcons

With Devonte Freeman out for multiple weeks, Tevin Coleman will always be in start consideration, and with him playing an underwhelming Saints defense we suggest that you fire him up once again in week 3.

In the Falcons week two matchup, it really looked like Calvin Ridley took a step forward in this offense, out receiving and targeting teammate Muhammad Sanu. Although I am not sold enough to start Ridley in week 3, I am sold enough to sit Muhammad Sanu In week 3.

San Francisco 49ers V. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs just let up over 150 yards to Jesse James of the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 2, if you didn’t know, that is a lot a yards to give up to the tight end. This is why in week 3 I am going to start a more talented tight end, and we are going to fire up George Kittle of the 49ers.

Even though the Chiefs gave up an outrageous amount of yards to a tight end in week two, they shut down the 2018 fantasy darling James Connor, this gives us a reason to believe that they will do the same to the less talented backs of the 49ers. So going into week three we will sit Matt Breida and Alfred Morris.

Oakland Raiders V. Miami Dolphins

Everyone was down on the Dolphins this year, including us at The Dynasty Tailgate, but the fact is the Dolphins have been playing pretty well so far this season. Part of the reason they have been so successful in the last two weeks is the play of Ryan Tannehill, and I expect that to continue in week 3 against a Raiders defense that cannot get a pass rush,  fire him up!

The Raiders also showed some signs of life in week two, with Carr breaking a franchise record in completion percentage, but there was one offensive weapon that was left out of the mix. That weapon was Jordy Nelson, as a Packer fan I expected Nelson to go into Oakland and put up better numbers than people originally expected, and through two weeks this has not happened. This is why against an over-performing Dolphins defense, he will be riding the pine in week 3.

Buffalo Bills V. Minnesota Vikings

News just broke today that Davlin Cook was not going to play week 3, going through the week with a hamstring injury I was already expecting to start Latavius Murray in week 3, and this obviously solidifies my choice.  Latavius Murray has proven to be one of the best handcuffs in all of Fantasy Football, he his consistently an RB2 when he is the main running back in the game, plus he’s playing the Bills that had a player retire at halftime because they are so bad. Get him into your lineups.

In this one the choice is easy, the Bills will be trotting out a rookie QB to go against one of the best defenses in all of football. Although Josh Allen has shown some good signs in week 2, you better not even think about putting him in your roster this week.

Indianapolis Colts V. Philadelphia Eagles

With news coming out today that Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles are not going to play this week, it made the choice for a startable running back very easy, fire up Corey Clement until both those guys come back to the playing field. Also with the news that Jack Doyle is not going to play, you are starting Eric Ebron until he makes his return.

Everyone his happy that Carson Wentz is making his return but for fantasy reasons, you have to remember that he missed almost a full season of football because of that I think he will be a better real-life quarterback than fantasy quarterback.we are sitting Wentz this week to work off any rust.

Green Bay Packers V. Washington Redskins

There has been a lot of changes going on with the Redskins backfield, with Guice getting the initial nod, then tearing his ACL, the signing of Adrian Peterson, and as always the usage of Chris Thompson. I said it before and I will say it again, the Packers defense struggles against pass-catching backs, and this is why guys like Samje Perine and Adrian Peterson will not make the impact everyone is expecting. But Chris Thompson will be that guy, Chirs Thompson will give the Redskins the ability to run, and then sneak him out into the flat to catch the Packers defense off guard, fire him up where ever you have him.

This past week a lot has been said about Aaron Jones return to the Packers, and with his play last year he has gained a lot of respect in the NFL and in the fantasy circles. Although we firmly believe that Aaron Jones is the best back that the Packers have, we are sitting him in his first game back from suspension.


As always thank you for the read, and if you need more start/sit advice, please listen to The Dynasty Tailgate Podcast and visit The Dynasty RedZone Fantasy Football Community.



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