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Move over Ringling Brothers there’s a new circus in town!

This hurt to write. As a Bengals fan you never want to see your rival unravel and collapse unless it was your own doing…………..just kidding I fucking love that the Steelers are self-destructing.

To the calm, well mannered Steelers fans (do they even exist?) I apologize you’re caught in the cross fire here. To all the Steelers homers I’ll let this GIF do my dirty work.


This has been a long time coming for the Steelers organization and fans. It started when the Steelers decided to fuck over Le’Veon Bell and franchise tag him in 2017 and again in 2018. Franchise tagging him to avoid having to pay him top dollar and putting all the risk on Bell to play under a shitty contract and risk getting hurt is a scumbag move. I don’t blame Bell for taking his ball and going home. I think fans sometimes forget that this isn’t only a sport to them like it was in high school and college, their livelihood at stake and future are on the line.

Quick pit-stop here to breakdown to the Steelers fans who are still pissed at Bell for holding out why they’re morons. You come into work for a few years bust your ass and expect to be rewarded with a raise come evaluation time. You missed a few days of work and had a few mistakes nobody is perfect but you made up for it with overtime and you feel you’ve earned this raise. Your boss then decides to push off the raise you deserve and tables it for next year. Next year comes along and you get the same excuse from the year prior but with a small raise this time. If you appreciate getting slapped in the face with your bosses hog you’ll stay and accept the small raise. If you’re like most people though who know the grass is greener on the other side you’ll play hardball or just leave. Oh and you watch as the Steelers give Antonio Brown a monster extension in 2017 which made him the highest paid WR in the NFL at the time. If you tell me this isn’t the thought going through your head if a co-worker got a raise instead of you, you’re a fucking liar.


Bell seems to have a backup plan if this whole NFL thing doesn’t work out.

On second thought $14.544 million for one year isn’t looking too bad compared to zero dollars and a failed rap career.

So losing your star running back not good.

But losing said wide receiver you just gave “fuck you” type money to?


Antonio Brown really threw Steeler Nation for a loop when he tweeted this response to a former PR guy on Monday.

This Ryan Scapino is either a sleeper troll for the Ravens who was finally given the go ahead to piss off Antonio Brown, or he’s just an idiot. I’m leaning towards the latter. I touched on this on the upcoming episode of Nosebleed Takes but I’ll write it down in blog form. Chirping the best player on your home team has to be the dumbest thing to do as a fan. Antonio Brown had the perfect response here and had Steeler Nation shook after that response. Now AB has them eating out of the palm of his hand and should expect a huge spike jersey sales.

Did I forget to mention the Steelers are last in the AFC North right now too? After a piss-poor showing in week 1 against the Cleveland Browns they found themselves walking into Arrowhead with something to prove on Sunday. What did they prove? The defense is in shambles, Tomlin is on the hot seat, and they really regret not paying Bell. Now I can’t be a full on Negative Nancy when talking about the Steelers. They did make it a close game after getting blown out 21-0 in the first quarter. They came back and proved they’re still a dangerous team at any given moment.

Okay I said my one and only positive thing about the Steelers. Now I can give my prediction on how their season will play out. Week 3 they have the red hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers and after how great Patrick Mahomes looked against the Steelers secondary, expect more of the same next Monday night. However, I don’t think we see the Steelers claw their way back to make it a game. Sitting at 0-2-1 the desperate Steelers will back up the Brinks truck in Mr. Bell’s driveway and beg for him to come back. It’ll be too little too late as the Steelers will finish sub .500 and miss the playoffs which will lead to Tomlin getting fired at the end of the season.

I’ll shed a tear reflecting on the great rivalry the Bengals have had with Tomlin and the Steelers after he is fired. Then I’ll uncork the champagne and dance on their grave as they become a bottom feeder in the AFC North.



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