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Trevor’s SEC Round-Up: Week 3

Alabama 62 vs. Ole Miss 7


Ole Miss thought they had a freaking chance against Alabama! Idiots! The first play of the game a D.K. Matcalf burned an Alabama DB for a 75 yd TD and people started chirping.

It did not end well for the Rebels Blackbears Landsharks.

Florida 48 vs. Colorado State 10

WOAH. Florida actually played well. We will see how long that last. Surely they can head into to Knoxville and defeat Tennessee. Florida is very talented but can never seem to be consistent over the past years. Maybe this will be the year of the Gator’s resurgence?

Mississippi State 56 vs. Louisiana 10

Nick Fitzgerald lead the team with 6 TD’s to route Lafayette, but we all expected this to happen. The Bulldogs are going to have to win some big games down the stretch to compete in the SEC East. The next 5 games are: Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M. We can re-evaluate this team in a few weeks, or a few losses as it looks.

Georgia 49 vs. MTSU 7

Georgia pulverized this team exactly how they should. That’s about it. UA vs. UGA SEC Championship… confirmed.

Kentucky 48 vs Murray State 10

I FREAKING LOVE KENTUCKY! The QB, Terry Wilson, is the best QB to come through Kentucky since the hefty lefty.

Image result for jared lorenzen kentucky

Next week they match up against Fitzgerald and Miss St. I hope the Wildcats scamper around for a win. Hey, I’ll lock it in actually. Kentucky 24. Miss ST. 21.

Tennessee 24 vs. UTEP 0

I still don’t believe Tennessee is any good whatsoever, but they won this game! Congrats to the champions of life! If any of you forgot, Butch Jones is now an analyst at Alabama getting paid 35k a year after being the Vols head coach last year. Jeremy Pruitt is clearly a better coach, but this season, Tennessee is going to rack up 5 losses minimum.

Vanderbilt 17 vs. Notre Dame 22


LSU 22 vs. Auburn 21

Oh boy. Auburn Fans were heated after this game. Facebook was absolutely hilarious after the pass interference calls that ultimately lost Auburn the game. I didn’t think you could hold the receivers arms down, but whatever justifies losing to Coach O Auburn. Is Gus on the hot seat?

Arkansas 17 vs. North Texas 44

This is all I have folks.

Missouri 40 vs. Purdue 37

Another win by walk-off field goal for the SEC. Drew Lock is actually good. Next week they play Georgia. They will lose and thus end there season.

Texas A&M 48 vs. UL Monroe 10

Kellen Mond… actually good. They match up in Tuscaloosa next week against Alabama for a huge test for this team. If Johnny Football isn’t lacing up, I see Alabama by about 50.



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